LAW 937

Reparations for Black Americans – Legal Issues and Challenges

Critical Race Studies, Public Interest Law

In the history of the United States, there has never been more discussion and debate around the issue of reparations for Black Americans than we are now witnessing. This raises a set of important questions: What forms can reparations take? What reparations have been made already in the U.S. and internationally? What are the strongest legal, political, and policy arguments in support of and against reparations for Black Americans? Which other groups should be included in the conversation? What would real reparations for Black Americans look like?
We will examine these questions through various materials and lenses, including academic and popular writings, court documents, task force reports, and podcast episodes. We will explore the United States’ racialized history, patterns of backlash to Black success, and the lasting legacy of white supremacy. All backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are welcomed and valued.

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