LAW 451

Spanish for Lawyers

This course reinforces and enhances students existing Spanish communication skills in legal practice. The class will cover a broad range of legal contexts, while building students practical legal terminology and written and oral communication skills. The course will introduce and reinforce Spanish legal terminology and concepts in areas such as immigration, consumer protection, criminal, workers’ rights, housing rights and family law. Students will learn how to apply these language skills as future legal practitioners interacting with Spanish dominant clients and communities. This course will emphasize speaking and listening comprehension through in-class presentations and dialogue. In addition, emphasis will be placed on cross-cultural and linguistic challenges that may influence successful lawyering with Spanish dominant clients and communities. The course will also analyze issues within Spanish speaking populations, such as indigenous language access and concepts of hierarchy. Students will also shadow the professor in Los Angeles Immigration Court for purposes of an analytical court visit through the lens of access to justice for non-English speakers; only if possible, given the COVID-19 pandemic.

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