LAW 712

Street Law--Youth & Education

Students teach law-related topics in local public high schools and participate in weekly teaching seminars at UCLA Law. The course is based on a community legal education approach. In consultation with the host high school teacher, each student develops their own curriculum; all legal areas and issues are open for consideration. In our weekly seminars, students engage in simulated teaching, workshop curricular ideas, and examine various aspects of teaching (e.g., lesson planning, teaching methods, and classroom engagement). Seminar discussions include examining similarities  between teaching and practicing law, especially relating to communication between lawyers and non-lawyers, problem-solving and improvisational thinking.    

Enrollment in the course is limited to ten (10) students. Third-year students receive enrollment priority on the first pass. The course is graded on a Pass/No Pass basis. In addition to teaching ten (10) weekly, one-hour periods at their respective teaching site, students submit bi-weekly journal entries and a short final, non-research paper. Prior teaching experience is not required.

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