LAW 870A/B

UCLA in NYC: Education Sector Policy and Consulting

Students in this course participate in Columbia Law School's Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL). CPRL’s intensive, full-semester program immerses graduate students in the theory and practice of managing, governing, and transforming school systems and organizations. CPRL's program has three components:1. A seminar focused on the design, governance, regulation, democratic accountability, and transformation of school systems and allied public- and social-sector organizations.2. Skills training designed to develop competencies needed to improve school systems, including strategy creation, qualitative data collection and review, measurement, problem-solving, design thinking, visual communication, and stakeholder engagement, including issues related to diversity and inclusion.3. A research and consulting project led by CPRL Project Directors and staffed by an interdisciplinary team of students. Projects often include opportunities for design, strategic planning, and/or implementation support on matters that combine management, law, governance, policy, and educational knowledge and skills. Teams often work with clients who represent state and local departments of education, charter school organizations, school-support or advocacy groups, and other non-profit organizations that serve children.

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