LAW 764

UCLA Transactional Law Competition

Business & Tax Law

The Transactional Law Competition is a UCLA student competition which uses a simulated M&A transaction to learn and practice the skills of contract analysis, drafting and negotiation.  The course provides credit and instruction for students wishing to compete in the competition.  Students will use the simulated transaction to practice drafting and commenting on a contract.  The course culminates with the UCLA Transactional Law Competition during which students will negotiate the issues presented in two rounds.  The in-class trainings introduce students to (i) basic transaction documents; (ii) contract structure and analysis; (iii) contract drafting; and (iv) negotiation.  All students must either participate in the course or receive instructor approval to participate in the UCLA Transactional Law Competition.  All students must compete in the Transactional Law Competition.  The first class will be held the week of August 27.The course has an early drop date of September 8, 2023 @ 5:00 p.m.  

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