LAW 391

Venture Capital and the Start-Up Company

Business & Tax Law

We will examine the nature and structure of, and the multidisciplinary legal rules relevant to, start-up companies and venture capital transactions.  The course is designed to provide students:i.  an understanding of the business, economic, psychological and legal issues that confront lawyers and their venture capital and start-up company clients (focusing on how these issues are dealt with in contracts between the parties); andii.  an opportunity to develop the legal, counseling, negotiating, drafting and other skills that are important for lawyers practicing in this area.The course approaches venture capital from both a theoretical and practical perspective.  We will analyze the venture capital process, from initial formation of the start-up company through exit, giving particular consideration to the control structures and incentive mechanisms implemented at each stage. Math competence through algebra is assumed and important.The course relies heavily on business school case simulations.Preparation, TIMELY attendance and class participation are essential and will be considered in assigning grades. The exam will be closed book, multiple choice and graded on the letter basis.Maximum Enrollment: 18 (subject to increase at the instructor's discretion).  

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