Housed on the public school campus in Koreatown, the Immigrant Family Legal Clinic offers a unique model of legal service delivery and advocacy embedded in a trusted community space.  In the clinic, law students under supervision of expert faculty represent immigrant clients including unaccompanied minors, asylum-seeking families and low-wage workers asserting their employment rights. Through outreach workshops and individual consultations, law students also provide information and counseling about immigration and related legal matters to the broader community of public school students and teachers and Koreatown residents.

The clinic partners with other local service providers and national advocacy organizations to amplify its impact and bring a broad array of resources to the Koreatown community. Through these partnerships, students in the clinic also engage in policy research and advocacy related to immigrants' rights.

The clinic is located at the RFK Community Schools, an innovative complex of six pilot public schools established as a tribute to the social justice legacy of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was assassinated on the site (then the Ambassador Hotel) in 1968.  The RFK campus includes the UCLA Community School, a research-guided K-12 school with a curriculum committed to equity and access for underserved students in the neighborhood. The UCLA Community School is a partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District and the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS). Research conducted at the Immigrant Family Legal Clinic in partnership with GSE&IS aims to provide a deeper understanding of the immigrant communities served by Los Angeles public schools, and seeks to develop tools and strategies for successful educational outcomes.

In the course associated with the clinic, law students develop traditional lawyering skills, including interviewing, counseling, legal research and writing, and oral advocacy; gain exposure to additional advocacy tools and methods related to community lawyering; and draw on theoretical and interdisciplinary frameworks to contextualize the clinic's casework.


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