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Welcome to the UCLA Patent and Trademark Law Clinics. The UCLA Patent and Trademark Law Clinics are law school teaching clinics offering pro bono student practitioner representation of eligible clients seeking a patent or trademark registration before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The preferred client includes individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and entities with limited funds or for whom the costs of private representation would severely financially stress the resources available to the client, or clients of significant interest to the clinical program.

Not all potential clients are eligible under our guidelines, nor are we able to represent all eligible clients who contact us. Our capability to take on additional clients is limited and client selection windows only open as our capacity permits. Selection of clients is also based on whether we have a student practitioner who matches the potential client's needs, and whether the potential client has demonstrated an ability and commitment to successfully complete both the application process and stated business goals of the client.

The financial value of the services offered to the client by the Trademark and Patent Clinics can be substantial. Therefore, the preferred client will have demonstrated a serious engagement with the patent and trademark law system, a demonstrated ability to complete the PTO process, a demonstrated need for pro bono assistance, a likelihood of ultimate success legally and in business in the proposed matter, and a recognized shared benefit to society and the economy. Based on our shared objectives, elements of the eligibility screening of the USPTO's Pro Bono Program for Law Bar Associations have been adopted by the UCLA Patent and Trademark Law Clinics. In addition, the UCLA Patent and Trademark Law Clinics give special preference to potential clients, who are California residents and businesses, those doing business in California, or whose enterprise has special value or interest to Californians and the State of California. Specific client eligibility criteria.

For more information, watch our video: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Patents.

Potential clients are encouraged to fill out the prospective client application. Your application will be promptly reviewed and we will contact you as soon as practical concerning our capacity and your eligibility.

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