Full-time externships open doors for students and allow them to gain practical training and experience in a wide range of complex practice areas under expert supervision.  Students might learn more about criminal law practice at the Los Angeles District Attorney Major Crimes Division or the Office of the Federal Public Defender, conduct work with the securities and exchange commissions in New York and Los Angeles, or assist with impact litigation at the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

Agency Externships

UCLA School of Law offers full-time externships in a variety of settings from government agencies to non-profit organizations. Students pursue externships in California, Seattle, Chicago, New York and Washington, DC (through our UCDC Program).  Students taking a full-time agency externship must also enroll in a two-unit tutorial supervised by a faculty member who specializes in the subject matter of the student’s externship. The tutorial is designed to help the student reflect on lawerying and professional issues raised during the externship.

To learn more, explore our current full-time externship opportunities.

Judicial Externships

Students can also choose to pursue a judicial externship in either the state or federal system, and in the trial, appellate or specialized courts.  In a judicial externship, a student might gain exposure to oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, witness trial court practice and procedure firsthand, or develop knowledge of specialized areas of the law. Students who enroll in a judicial externship also attend a contemporaneous two-unit judicial process class at the law school.