Recent Visitors

Ms. Alice Amini - Visiting Researcher - Country: Sweden - Master's Candidate, Lund University
Research: International humanitarian law. Civilians' rights in armed conflicts. The rules of armed conflicts and breaches of those rules. Breaches that affect innocent civilians and their legal protection.

Mr. Ran An - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, Shandong University
: "Regulation, Punishment and Prevention of Environmental Crime: A Comparison of the United States and China."

Mr. Tony Arnold - Visiting Scholar - Country: United States - Boehl Chair in Property & Land Use, Professor of Law and Urban & Public Affairs, University of Louisville
Research: Resilience Justice and Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure Policy.

Mr. Martin Asmuss - Visiting Jurist - Country: Germany - Attorney at Law (Rechtsanwalt)
Research: Theory and practice of transaction certainty and walk-away rights in U.S. and German M&A transactions.

Ms. Suk Jong Back - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Judge, Incheon District Court
Research: An examination of the American bankruptcy system that selects and supervises trustees and bankruptcy administrators. A Study on TRO in the U.S. with the Possibility of Introduction to Korea.

Mr. Nicolas Balmaceda - Visiting Scholar - Country: Chile - Professor, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Professor, Universidad de Los Andes ESE Business School
Research: Developing a policy to forest Chile's capital, Santiago. Development of a master plan with due consideration to anthropological, social, legal and political factors, solving a current environmental injustice.

Mr. Marco Barros - Visiting Researcher - Country: Brazil - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Sao Paulo Law School (USP)
Research: Consequentionalist reasoning in Brazilian Law.

Mr. Leo Beletsky, Visiting Scholar, Country: United States, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University; Adjunct Professor, UC San Diego
: (1) Patient Rights in the Shadow of Soviet Law: A Regional Analysis. (2) The Public Health Legacy of Citizens United.

Mr. Matteo Benozzo - Visiting Scholar - Country: Italy - Assistant Professor, University of Macerata
Research: Wastes as goods/things, U.S. regulation of waste, and food waste. Environmental law.

Ms. Magdalena Blawat - Visiting Researcher - Country: Poland - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Warsaw
Research: Interpretation and construction of contracts.

Ms. Anna Boucher - Visiting Scholar - Country: Australia - Associate Professor, University of Sydney
Research: Undertaking the California fieldwork for her third book on workplace violations against migrant workers in Australia, Canada, England and California.

Ms. Hege Braekhus - Visiting Scholar - Country: Norway - Professor, University of Tromsø
Research: Family and equal opportunities. Gender equality in family law.

Ms. Elena Brunetta - Visiting Researcher - Country: Italy - Master's Candidate, Padua University
Research: The new proposal of reform on the Italian property with a particular focus on the idea of common property between the traditional figures of private property and public property. Property with a particular value, such as heritage, in comparison with models of public property adopted by different jurisdictions – especially common law jurisdictions and the U.S. legal system.

Mr. Francesco Bruno - Visiting Scholar - Country: Italy - Professor, University of Molise; Professor, Universita Campus Biomedico of Rome
Research: Food law, environmental law, and energy law in the U.S. and E.U.

Ms. Yiyang Cao - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - PhD Candidate, Wuhan University, School of Law
Research: A comparative study on China and U.S. public interest litigation with a particular focus on environmental issues.

Mr. Eoin Carolan - Visiting Scholar - Country: Ireland - Lecturer, University College Dublin
Research: Constitutional theory and comparative constitutional law. Collaborative constitutionalism: theory and practice.

Mr. Yuguang Cheng - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Associate Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University
Research: "Restriction and Incentive: The Influence of Environment Law over Producers towards Sustainable Agriculture." Environmental Law.

Mr. Paul Cook - Visiting Jurist - Country: United States - Attorney at Law, Law Office of Paul Cook
Research: How to reform the California court system and the problem it faces with meritless lawsuits. Abuse of process and malicious prosecution.

Mr. Emanuele Dagnino - Visiting Researcher - Country: Italy - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Bergamo
Research: The interconnections between the changes occurring in the world of work – particularly those related to technological progress, and labor law – and how it is possible to reform this branch of law to reduce the gap between socioeconomic phenomena and the legal framework in which they are framed.

Mr. Ernesto Matias Díaz - Visiting Jurist - Country: Argentina - Legal Clerk, General Minor's Counsel of the Public Minister of the Buenos Aires City Judiciary
Research: Modifications of the appellate system in the criminal process that emerged as a consequence of the "wrongful conviction" phenomenon.

Mr. Hantao Ding - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, Wuhan University
Research: A comparative study on development and regulation of Third Party Funding.

Mr. Tabrez Ebrahim - Visiting Scholar - Country: U.S. - Associate Professor, California Western School of Law
Research: Intellectual Property Through a Non-Western Lens: The Case of Patents in Islamic Law.

Mr. Erik Eldjarn - Visiting Researcher - Country: Norway - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Tromsø
Research: Examination of the extent to which the judge's duty has an influence on the substantive matters in the legal dispute. Civil procedure, judicial activism, and "Materielle Prozessleitung."

Ms. Gonca Erol - Visiting Researcher - Country: Turkey - Ph.D. Candidate, Galatasaray University
Research: "Right to Recall." Direct democracy. Ability of the designated authority or specified number of citizens to demand a vote for the electorate on whether an elected holder of public office should be removed from that office before the end of his or her term.

Ms. Lilla Farkas - Visiting Researcher - Country: Italy - PhD Researcher, European University Institute
Research: "Bolstering the enforcement of European equality law: trans-Atlantic lessons on the role of agency enforcement and public interest litigation" focusing on racial equality in the field of housing from a historical perspective, Lilla will map agency enforcement (HUD's Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity), agency activism and collaboration with public interest law organizations.

Mr. Antonio Sergio Escrivao Filho - Visiting Researcher - Country: Brazil - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Brasilia
Research: The role of the Coloniality and military dictatorship in its relation to the expansion of judicial power in Brazil. The legal mobilization in the theme of right to land in Brazil. A critical analysis on access to justice in the Brazilian scene of legal mobilization on right to land.

Ms. Yanan Feng - Visiting Jurist - Country: China - Attorney, Beijing Maxpro Law Firm
Research: Trans-boundary pollution movements by multinational corporations. Research designed to table suggestions to China's future legislation on controlling and regulating such pollution movements.

Mr. Damiano Fuschi - Visiting Researcher - Country: Italy - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pavia
Research: Principal research at UCLA will be focused on the constitutional principles of environmental law using the methodology of comparative law. The second part of the research will focus on coastal erosion in the US – comparing how the Coastal Zone Management Act has been implemented in the legal system of every State of the US and the effectiveness it had in land protection.

Mr. Rodrigo Gabardo - Visiting Researcher - Country: Brazil - PhD Candidate, International and Comparative Law, University of São Paulo (Brazil); Partner of Lee Taube Gabardo - Brazil
Research: International Commercial Arbitration. A comparative analysis of the arbitration agreement (formal validity of the arbitration agreement; defective arbitration agreements; waiver of right to arbitrate; the effect of lack of funds in the arbitration agreement and the impact of time in the arbitration agreement).

Mr. Timothée Giard - Visiting Jurist - Country: France Partner, GATE AVOCATS
Research: Antitrust Law & Digital. Researching the increasing use of algorithms and other automatic programs in the digital marketplace and their much-debated impact on antitrust law enforcement in the US and in the EU.

Ms. Thalia González - Visiting Scholar - Country: United States - Associate Professor, Occidental College
Research: Domestic human rights. A study of the conditions under which human rights activism, expression, and implementation has occurred in the U.S. Exploration of norm translation and entrepreneurship, and the impact of social mobilization and activism. How human rights norms and discourse have been translated and adopted in local settings by non-elite actors engaged in education rights, juvenile justice, and racial justice campaigns in the U.S.

Mr. Sven Hoeppner - Visiting Scholar - Country: Germany - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in Law and Economics, Ghent University Law School
Research: How the legal institution of agency affects the promissory link between a promisor and a promisee.

Ms. Yuanyuan Huang - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - PhD Candidate, University of International Business and Economics, School of Law
Research: A comparative study on recognition and relief system in cross-border insolvencies. With the special focus on Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

Mr. Jin Woo Hwang - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Senior Associate, Yoon & Yang LLC
Research: The impact of the Patent-Approval Linkage System introduced in South Korea by the Free Trade Agreement between South Korea and the U.S. in 2007 on the pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of antitrust law and intellectual property law.

Mr. Ryoji Ichitaka - Visiting Scholar - Country: Japan - Professor of Law, Kwansei Gakuin University
Research: International taxation of corporate reorganization, alternative dispute resolution on tax matters, and tax and inequalities.

Ms. Manon Jendly - Visiting Scholar - Country: Switzerland - Professor of Criminology and Criminal Policy, University of Lausanne
Research: Making (non-)sense of algorithms within the criminal justice: an empirical comparative analysis of data-driven risk assessment tools and so-called predictive technologies used in the decision-making process throughout the Swiss and American criminal justice system.

Mr. Baoguo Jiang - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Associate Professor & Associate Dean, South China Agricultural University
Research: "Doctrinal Development and Rules in Transformation: Choice of Law in International Products Liability Cases."

Mr. Yuanbo Jiang - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law
Research: "Creditors' Derivative Actions in Bankruptcy." Bankruptcy law.

Mr. Ali Kerem Kayhan - Visiting Researcher - Country: Turkey - Ph.D. Candidate, Istanbul University
: The Protection of the Atmosphere and State Responsibility in International Law. The atmosphere and responsibility, transboundary pollution, ozone depletion, and climate change.

Mr. Lamin Khadar - Visiting Researcher - Country: United Kingdom - Ph.D. Candidate, European University Institute
Research: European public interest law movement and public interest law.

Ms. Eunkyo Kim - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Judge, Seoul Central District Court
Research: Child custody system in U.S. law and relevant issues on child abduction cases in international marriages.

Mr. Gun Sung Kim - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Director, Korea Fair Trade Commission
Research: A comparative study on the effective enforcement measures in the field of competition and consumer protection laws, specifically administrative and criminal sanctions, class action lawsuits in order to protect competition and consumers from wrongdoings related to labelling and advertisement by businesses.

Mr. Pyung-Woo (Peter) Kim - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Partner, Suhil Law Office
Research: Researching the structure and goals of legal clinics and externship programs to determine how parallel programs could be incorporated into Korea's new law school system.

Mr. Sok Bom Kim - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Judge, Incheon District Court
Research: Expert Evidence in the United States and Korea: How Daubert might fit into the Korean legal system.

Ms. Suhee Kim - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Lawyer at Kim&Chang
Research: Study on investor protection related regulations and case precedents in the United States, the scope of trading activities that would constitute market manipulation or unfair trading in the United States, case studies of analyzing the boundaries of permitting class action in market manipulation or unfair trading.

Mr. Taekyun Kim - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Director, Korea Fair Trade Commission
Research: Measures of Restorative Justice of the US and California in youth court.

Ms. Coralie Klipfel - Visiting Researcher - Country: France - PhD Candidate, Faculté de droit de l'université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Research: International law and exceptional powers: Analysis of the international laws and regulations applicable to exceptional situations; comparative study of American and French states of emergency; and study of American influence on the international exception.

Mr. KwonHong Ko - Visiting Jurist - Country: South Korea - Associate Judge, Gwangju High Court
Research: "A Study on the Feasibility Relating to an Adoption of the Electronic Discovery System under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to the Korean Legal System." Humane technologies and cyberspace privacy.

Mr. Kevin Kolben - Visiting Scholar - Country: United States - Associate Professor, Rutgers Business School
Research: Labor regulation in global supply chains. The Chains that Bind. Understanding the relationships between consumers and producers, and how those relationships affect private and public regulation of labor in global supply chains.

Ms. Adi Leibovitch - Visiting Scholar - Country: Israel - Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law
Research: Experimental Law and Economics.

Ms. Yon Kyung Lee - Visiting Jurist - Country: Korea - Judge, Suwon District Court
Research: Study on the criminal justice system of the United States and the electronic litigation system practiced in California Courts to find out if there is any possibility of adoption in the South Korea judicial system.

Mr. Hsuan-I Li - Visiting Jurist - Country: Taiwan - Partner, The Banyan Law Firm; Commissioner, Judicial Reform Foundation
Research: The pros and cons of jury systems in California and other states to advise on the merits of the Lay Judge System in Taiwan. Criminal justice. Jury systems.

Ms. Rocio Lorca - Visiting Scholar - Country: Chile - Assistant Professor, Universidad de Chile School of Law
Research: Understanding the idea of impunity in the context of international criminal law. Why we care so much about it? What is the normative issue with impunity? And is the International Criminal Court suited to fight against it?

Ms. Yuan Liu - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Associate Professor, East China University of Science and Technology
Research: Food safety law and policies. U.S. food regulatory systems and safety standards-setting procedures. Food law.

Ms. Henrike Maier - Visiting Researcher - Country: Germany - Ph.D. Candidate, Humboldt University Berlin
Research: The legal framework for creative reuses of audiovisual works (interpretation of statutory exceptions and new licensing schemes). How courts in the U.S. and Germany argue with fundamental rights when interpreting exceptions to copyright.

Mr. Luke Marsh - Visiting Scholar - Country: Hong Kong - Associate Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research: Strategic Litigation: An International and Comparative Study.

Ms. Maria Isabel Medina - Visiting Scholar - Country: United States - Ferris Family Distinguished Professor of Law at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
Research: Book on a United States Supreme Court case of Lutwak v. United states and research into a biography of Judge Skelly Wright.

Ms. Anna Dorothee Mischkowski - Visiting Researcher - Country: Germany - Ph.D. Candidate, Georg-August-University of Göttingen
Research: Identification of psychological characteristics that define – on an individual level – a promise, and contrasting this subjective interpretation with the judgment of an objective third party.

Ms. Tzili Mor - Visiting Jurist - Country: United States Human Rights & Gender Specialist Consultant
Research: The examination of how international law-based redress for sexual violence during armed conflict may unintentionally pervert "peacetime" gender equality and impact national law enforcement, practice, and reality.

Mr. Alan Nissel - Visiting Researcher - Country: United States - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Helsinki
Research: The origins of modern international litigation, which includes legal history, diplomatic history, and the history of international law and arbitration.

Ms. Ailbhe O'Neill - Visiting Scholar - Country: Ireland - Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin
Research: Bank regulation and rescue under U.S. law and shareholders' rights during banking reorganizations in the EU and U.S. – a comparative analysis of bank rescue in times of financial crisis.

Mr. Kapotas Panagiotis - Visiting Researcher - Country: Greece Ph.D. - Candidate, Technical University of Crete; Attorney, Patras Bar Association
Research: Urban Planning, environmental protection and rights to property, through the case law of Supreme Administrative Court of Greece, European Court of Human Rights and Supreme Court of the United States.

Mr. Seyed Rowhani - Visiting Researcher - Country: United States - JSD Candidate, Yeshiva University, Cardozo Law School
Research: Weakening the Structure of Economic Sanctions: An empirical extensive research on effectiveness of United Nations' targeted sanctions and unilateral comprehensive economic sanctions with comparative analysis of the current situations of contemporary sanctioned countries; focusing on Iran.

Mr. Johannes Rowold - Visiting Researcher - Country: Germany - PhD Candidate, Bucerius Law School, Germany
Research: The dissertation addresses the question on how executive board members of German stock corporations and directors of US stock corporations should resolve the situation in which the stock corporation they are appointed to or they themselves face conflicting duties arising out of different jurisdictions.

Mr. Michael Schillig - Visiting Scholar - Country: Germany - Senior Lecturer, King's College London
Research: The emerging European Union framework for the resolution and insolvency of banks and financial institutions, taking into account the (draft) Directives issued by the EU in this area, as well as their implementation in the UK and Germany.

Mr. Linping Shen - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)
Research: A comparative study of IPO regulatory regimes in the U.S. and in China.

Mr. Jun Shimizu - Visiting Scholar - Country: Japan - Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Chuo Law School
Research: The comparison of Anglo-American law (particularly U.S. law) and civil law (specifically Japanese law). The concept of constitutional rights in the common law tradition and the civil law tradition.

Mr. Hoonsup Shin - Visiting Jurist - Country: Korea - Associate, Kim & Chang
Research: Regulatory measures on private equities in the U.S., a case study of exit strategies by private equities in the U.S., and their implications and potential implementation on the Korean market and legal environment.

Ms. Junrong Song - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
Research: A comparative study on the implementation of WTO rulings in trade remedy cases. The U.S., EU, and China – as the most active and influential WTO members – are selected for empirical analysis in the comparative study.

Mr. Gaetano Sorcale - Visiting Scholar - Country: Italy - Assistant Professor, University of Calabria (Italy) & St. Anthony Catholic University of Murcia (Spain). Specialized in International & European Union Law. Graduate of Luiss Guido Carli in Rome, visiting PhD at Loyola University Chicago, visiting Professor at Benedictine University and DeVry University in Chicago
Research: A comparative study of the judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the European Union and in the United States of America.

Mr. Ariel Steffen - Visiting Researcher - Country: Switzerland - PhD Candidate, University of Lucerne
Research: Studying the philosophy of Behavioral Law and Economics.

Mr. Eduardo Stordeur, Jr. - Visiting Scholar - Country: Argentina - Professor, University of Buenos Aires - Professor, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
Research: The application of economics to Argentine and Latin-American environmental law. Introducing the economic tools of America's legal culture in the context of often inefficient environmental regulations in force there.

Ms. Camilla Tallia - Visiting Researcher - Country: Italy - PhD Candidate, University of Ferrara - Department of Law
Research: Deals with the protection of Geographical Indications for agricultural products and food stuff within the International Trade, having a special focus upon the European and American systems of law, on a comparative perspective.

Mr. Marc Thommen - Visiting Scholar - Country: Switzerland - Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, University of Zürich
Research: Prosecutorial discretion and extra-court settlements of criminal cases in the USA and in Europe.

Mr. Ali D. Ulusoy -Visiting Scholar - Country: Turkey - Professor of Law, Ankara University
Research: The Victims of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Actions in Turkish, American and European Human Rights Law.

Mr. Werner Vandenbruwaene - Visiting Researcher - Country: Belgium - Ph.D. Candidate, University of Antwerp
Research: Legal enforcement and the principle of subsidiarity. U.S. federalism and similar principles and related judicial doctrines.

Ms. Snjezana Vasiljevic - Visiting Scholar - Country: Croatia - Assistant Professor, University of Zagreb
Research: The "Intersection of Arms Trade and Human Rights: EU vs. U.S. Approach." Research focusing on arms control and human rights following the introduction of the new gun control legislation in the U.S., EU and international community.

Ms. María Luisa Villamarín López - Visiting Scholar - Country: Spain - Professor of Procedural Law, Madrid University
Research: Studying the presumption of innocence and the privilege against self-incrimination in the regulation and doctrine of the US.

Ms. Hao Wang - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School
Research: A comparative research about patent infringement remedies between China and the United States.

Ms. Lanfei Wang - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, Capital University of Economics and Business School of Law
Research: The legal protection of commercial secrets in China, with a special focus on the mechanisms of China's Supreme Court in producing new rules by means of judicial interpretation.

Mr. Wenge Wang - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Professor and Dean, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
Research: Studying environmental law, land use law, Chinese law, and land resources protection and implementation. A comparative study on legal mechanisms and systems of land resources protection.

Ms. Yan Wang - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Research: The "Green Space" under the WTO. International economic law theory. Renewable energies industries.

Mr. Weifeng (Albert) Xiang - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Lecturer, Guangdong Industry Technical College
Research: Cross-border e-commerce. Comparative study on e-commerce development and legislation between China and the U.S. and harmonization of cross-border commercial law. Law and economics.

Mr. Bo Yi - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Associate Professor of International Law, Law School, Southeast University
Research: Section 232,301 and 337 investigation of trade law in the USA and trade & tariff disputes between China and the USA, Judgements of People's Courts to be recognized and enforced in Federal and State Court System in California.

Ms. Guoping Xu - Visiting Scholar - Country: China - Professor of Law, Shanghai Maritime University
Research: The law and practice in the United States, China and international community concerning control of marine pollution.

Ms. Horim Yi - Visiting Researcher - Country: Korea - Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Public Health Sciences, Graduate School of Korea University
Research: The first part of the research will be a continuation of two previous Korean LGBT health surveys, participated as a co-investigator. The second part of the research will be a research on the development and current status of legal protection for LGBTQ youths in the U.S and in California, focusing on LGBTQ youth health and its social determinants.

Mr. Mohammad Hadi Zakerhossein - Visiting Researcher - Country: Iran - Ph.D. Candidate, Tilburg University
Research: International criminal law. International criminal law's procedure with respect to pre-trial phase. ICC arrest warrant regime in light of positive complementarity.

Mr. Yutong (Alex) Zhang - Visiting Researcher - Country: China - Ph.D. Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law
: "Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A rebalancing project of the national central bank's balance sheet." Sovereign debt.