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Mission: The UCLA Entertainment Law Review (ELR) is an international law journal published once or twice a year by the UCLA School of Law. Since 1994, ELR’s staff has worked diligently to bring to our subscribers academic work of the highest quality, as well as articles that tackle the most novel and cutting-edge issues in the field of entertainment law.

Our journal publishes a broad range of articles and student comments on a variety of topics of interest to the entertainment law community.  These topics include copyright, new media law, Internet and communications law, sports law, motion picture and television law, music law, art law, broadcasting law, journalism and the First Amendment, and “soft” intellectual property law.

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    UCLA Entertainment Law Review Volume 28 Masthead

      Keegan Hawkins  
      Janay Terry-Ramos  
    Chief Submissions Editor Chief Managing Editors Chief Articles Editor
    Melis Kilic Huntington Domine Taylor Raffanti
      Dane Sowers  
    Submissions Editors   Articles Editors
    Reece Lazarus Managing Editors Allison Azarloza
    Thomas Morris Pauline Alarcon Sarah Handloser
    Ari Spitzer Michelle Banayan Noah Light
    Olivia Taylor Ariana Bustos Alexandria Natarajan
    Daniel Zhivanaj Charles Hancock Olivia Pakula
      Joseph Hargis Ryan Roth
    Business Managers Spencer Hattemer Alan G. Shimp
    Grady Howe Michael Ruttenberg Celia Schlekewey
    Manvel Kapukchyan Morgan Schneer Brady Webb
    Media Editor Faculty Advisor Publications Coordinator
    Benjamin Kramer Susan Akens Elizabeth Purvis
      Staff Editors  
    Matthew Bernstein Alex Greer Daniel Grove
    Shuhui Guo Sofie Oldroyd Shannon Rieger
    Andrew Saba Jarissa Sabal Sydney Young
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