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Mission: The UCLA Entertainment Law Review (ELR) is an international law journal published once or twice a year by the UCLA School of Law. Since 1994, ELR’s staff has worked diligently to bring to our subscribers academic work of the highest quality, as well as articles that tackle the most novel and cutting-edge issues in the field of entertainment law.

Our journal publishes a broad range of articles and student comments on a variety of topics of interest to the entertainment law community.  These topics include copyright, new media law, Internet and communications law, sports law, motion picture and television law, music law, art law, broadcasting law, journalism and the First Amendment, and “soft” intellectual property law.

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Entertainment Law Review

Volume 30, Issue 1


The Inequitable Taxation of Low- and Mid-Income Performing Artists
Omri Marian

PICTURE THIS: Applying the Fair Use Doctrine to Documentary Films after Google/Oracle and Warhol
Karen Shatzkin & Dale Cohen


"The Pas de Deux Between Unionization and Federal Arts Funding: Why Congress Must Address Its Overcorrection That Impeded the Freelance Dance Industry"
Julie Jones

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Eugene Volokh is quoted in a Bloomberg Law column on free speech in law schools

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Feb 14, 2024

Rick Hasen appears on MSNBC to talk about his new book, 'A Real Right to Vote'

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