Early Decision Program

Applicants who have carefully considered UCLA School of Law and are certain that it is their best law school choice have the option to apply through our Early Decision Program. Admission through the Early Decision Program is competitive, as applicants are evaluated under the same criteria as those who apply during the regular admissions cycle. Applicants to the Early Decision Program may be admitted, waitlisted or denied admission. Early Decision is most appropriate for candidates who have concluded that UCLA School of Law is their first-choice for law school and do not anticipate the need to compare offers of financial aid in making a decision about where to matriculate.

In choosing the Early Decision option, applicants are expected to commit to UCLA Law if admitted and may not apply through an early decision program to any other law school in the same admissions cycle. Once notified of their admittance to UCLA Law, applicants must: (1) withdraw applications from all other law schools; (2) refrain from initiating applications to other law schools; and (3) submit their Statement of Intent to Register and seat deposit by the deadline stated in their admission letter. It is important to note that, as an Early Decision candidate, you will likely be asked to confirm your intent to enroll and pay your seat deposit at UCLA School of Law before you receive notification of your financial aid award, if any.

Students admitted through the Early Decision program will be considered for merit-based scholarships on the same timeline as students admitted through the regular admissions process, and they are also eligible to apply for need-based financial aid. While awaiting the outcome of their Early Decision application at UCLA Law, applicants are permitted to apply to other law schools, with the understanding that they must withdraw these other applications upon being notified of their admittance to UCLA Law. Thus, they will forego the opportunity to entertain admission/financial aid offers from other law schools.

UCLA School of Law reserves the right to revoke an admission offer in the event that an admitted applicant fails to comply with this binding Early Decision Program Agreement.

To apply, a completed Early Decision Program Agreement and all necessary application materials must be received no later than November 15, 2016. Early Decision Program applicants must take the LSAT no later than September 2016. All decisions will be made by the end of December 2016.