Ziffren Institute for Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Law

"Entertainment (R)Evolution: Maximizing Opportunities"

Thirty-Fourth Annual UCLA Entertainment Symposium

Friday, February 26, 2010

12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.    CLE/CPE Registration

1:00 P.M. - 1:15 P.M.      Welcome

Presenter:  Stephen Yeazell, Interim Dean, UCLA School of Law

1:15 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.      Incremental Evolution:  Finding The Sweet Spot Between Advertising And The Cash Consumer (Purchase, Rental, or  Subscription)

During the last half century, most media revenues have come indirectly, through advertising, rather than directly from consumer purchases.  Traditional revenue models are pressured by fractionalization of the audience, piracy, and new business models like Redbox and use of the internet to bypass traditional distributors.  Web-based subscription models are beginning to provide consumers with new choices in ways to pay for their media consumption.  This overview will explore decision points and pressure points for content creators and distributors as they seek new approaches and overcome weakening advertising and new cannibalistic approaches to distribution.  At the same time, it will ask the following questions: can 300 million US consumers replace $250 billion in annual advertising out of their own pockets? (hint:  that's about $2100 per family), and will new technologies (like 3D) cause them to do so?

Presenter:  Tom Wolzien, Wolzien LLC

2:00 P.M. - 2:45 P.M.      30%:  Well Spent

In many cases, clients retain a team of individuals to represent them, including personal managers, agents, lawyers, and business managers.  Each individual contributes advice in their area of expertise.  This panel will examine how this team of non-legal representatives interact with lawyers and with each other in servicing clients as a team.

Moderator:  Michael Schenkman, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal Laviolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, LLP

Panelists:  Dan Aloni, Creative Artists Agency  |  Howard Altman, Grant, Tani, Barash & Altman  |  Michael Rotenberg, 3 Arts Entertainment

2:45 P.M. - 3:30 P.M.     The New Marketing Paradigm: Same Goals, New Tools

This panel will explore the present and changing landscape of film marketing on a global basis.  As internet marketing becomes more prevalent and diverse, how will the marketing of films evolve?  The panel will explore, among other things, social networking as a marketing tool, the micro-targeting abilities of internet advertising, the changing allocations of costs for different media in marketing budgets, and the effect of day and date releasing in both the domestic and international markets. The panel will also examine various components of non-traditional marketing plans of several recent films as a study of the here and now of cutting edge, cost efficient marketing.

Moderators:  Keith G. Fleer, Keith G. Fleer, A Professional Corporation  |  Michael A. Helfant, Troika Pictures, LLC

Panelists:  Brian Fitzgerald, Evolve Media | Russell Schwartz, Pandemic Marketing   |  David A. Weitzner, David Weitzner Associates 

3:30 P.M.-3:45 P.M.       Break 

3:45 P.M. - 4:45 P.M.     Independents' Day? – Opportunities and Challenges for Indie Film in a Dramatically Changing World

Is it all doom and gloom for the independent world, or are there unique opportunities that exist for producing and distributing independent films? Who is buying; what are the deals; what is the role and availability of foreign pre-sales; what kind of films do distributors want? This panel will discuss the current state of the independent film world including the key things that every independent producer and his/her representative needs to know in this ever evolving marketplace.

Moderators:  E. Barry Haldeman, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP   |    Howard Meyers, Focus Features

Panelists:  Glen Basner, Filmnation Entertainment   |  Steve Gilula, Fox Searchlight Pictures   |    Michael London, Groundswell Productions  |  Graham Taylor, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

4:45 P.M. - 5:45 P.M.     First-Dollar Gross: Going, Gone, or Reincarnated?

This panel will investigate the shifting balance-of-power between motion picture talent and studios big and small.  The central question is whether and to what extent talent can still receive first-dollar gross deals.  To that end, we will explore the alternatives that have sprung up in the current economic climate to replace first-dollar gross deals, whether they are in any way the economic equivalent of "true" first-dollar gross and how talent representatives have fared for their clients with different players in the entertainment industry.

Moderator:  Leigh Brecheen, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal Laviolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, LLP 

Panelists:  Melanie Cook, Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf LLP   |   Daniel Ferleger, Paramount Pictures   |    Mark Gill, The Film Department  |  Tom Mcguire, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.     CLE/CPE Registration

9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.    The Digital Technology (R)Evolution:  Maximizing Opportunities and Revenue for Digital Distribution of Filmed Entertainment

The rapid evolution of digital technologies for distributing filmed entertainment has dominated the industry's focus in recent years.  Despite the technological wizardry now available, entertainment industry constituents have experienced challenges to gain consumer adoption of, and to find viable business models for, digital delivery of content.  In this interactive panel, hear from industry leaders about how to maximize business opportunities for exploiting filmed entertainment on digital platforms.  The panelists will discuss current and future trends in digital distribution technologies for filmed entertainment, business models for digital delivery and which have been most effective, key negotiation points for deal-making, challenges which need to be overcome to maximize opportunities for content owners and distribution partners.

Moderator:  Blair Westlake, Microsoft Corporation

Presenters:  Malik Ducard, Paramount Pictures  |  Jordan Levin, Generate  |  James D. Nguyen, Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon LLP   |  Clarissa Weirick, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution  

10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.   Revolution or Evolution:  What is The Vision of The Music Industry?

For over a decade, the music industry has faced constant challenges from all sides - disruptive technology, competition for the entertainment dollar, the collapse of conventional retail, the consolidation and subsequent homogenization of radio as well as outright attacks from the media, technologist, creators, consumers and politicians, amongst others. What has the industry learned from its journey down the proverbial "coal shaft"? How is it refocusing and reorganizing? How are the business models changing, and what is the relevance to you. Is there still a viable music industry, or is it in full metamorphous....what will be similar, what will change dramatically and what are the real agents of change? The opinions of those who we hope have a clue.

Moderator:  John T. Frankenheimer, Loeb & Loeb LLP

Presenters:  Eric Garland, Bigchampagne   |  Bruce Kirkland, Tsunami Entertainment   |  Jonathan Mayers, Superfly Productions  |  David Ring, Universal Music Group  |  Ty Roberts, Gracenote   | Ralph Simon, Mobilium International Advisory Group

11:00 A.M. - 11:15 A.M.    Break

11:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.     Piracy:  Can We Compete With Free?

Ten years ago, we saw the start of a revolution of internet distribution of copyrighted musical sound recordings.  Initially, the motion picture/television industry thought itself immune from such attack with complicated encryption methods, larger files sizes of content and more complicated requirements for both watching and listening to their products.  But with broadband internet speeds, encryption cracking software, high quality digital compression techniques and now set-top boxes readily available in the marketplace to connect televisions to the internet, we now find that "virtually everything" is available on the internet.  Sales of DVDs are down, productions are down, middle class industry incomes are down or on a case by case basis, non-existent!   Have we learned from history, or are we doomed to repeat the past?  Our panel will look at the problem and discuss what is being done today and tomorrow to diminish the problem and find a workable business model to produce income from new distribution technologies.

Moderator:  Michael H. Lauer, Law Office of Michael H. Lauer

Panelists:  Anthony Falzone, Stanford Fair Use Project  |  Kathy Garmezy, Directors Guild Of America  |  Daniel M. Mandil, Motion Picture Association Of America  |  Mitch Singer, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.    

12:15 P.M. - 1:00 P.M.    Keynote Speakers Morgan Freeman, Academy Award® Winning Actor, Producer and Entrepreneur;  Lori Mccreary, Revelations Entertainment, Producer and Entrepreneur. Interviewed by:  Schuyler M. Moore, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.     Lunch

2:15 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.     Not Your Gutenberg Printing Press - Content Empowered By Technology - The Promise Of Digital To Transform Book Publishing

How the new e-publishers and online booksellers, aided by the evolution from paper to e-readers, apps and beyond, are reimagining and reshaping the publishing industry; content  wars - who owns or controls digital rights to older books, what did and do the publishing agreements say, and do "free" books and SCRIBD facilitate piracy?; price wars - the disparity between digital and traditional paper book sales and between discount big-box stores and online retailers - predictions and possibilities; the google book settlement controversy and its short and long term effects on authors, publishers, libraries, and the copyright law.

Moderator:  Susan A. Grode, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

Panelists:  Jane Friedman, Open Road Integrated Media   |    Jack Jensen, Chronicle Books   |   Kate Spelman, Cobalt LLP   |   Steve Tapia, Microsoft Corporation

3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.     The Current State of Film Finance

A status update and overview of the current state of film financing.  Topics will include a description of the current state of the capital markets and what we can anticipate for 2010; discussion regarding film slate performance metrics; a retrospective/discussion focusing on successful vs. unsuccessful deal terms and other factors underlying slate performance; review of present and anticipated trends in media windows; and library valuations as impacted by current market developments and technological changes.

Moderator:   Roy Salter, The Salter Group

Panelists:   Eric Briggs, The Salter Group  |  Bryan Lacour, Union Bank |  Stefan Litt, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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