PULSE - Program on Understanding Law, Science & Evidence

Imagining the Legal Landscape: Technology and the Law in 2030

Held at UCLA School of Law on April 15, 2016, Imagining the Legal Landscape was a day of vibrant, wide-ranging, interdisciplinary discussion about the future of law and technology. Each participant prepared a short essay imagining a future scientific or technological change that will have meaningful legal implications by 2030. Participants then discussed these future issues together throughout the day. Topics ranged from big data to robotic police, from offspring selection to virtual reality, from perfect surveillance to total life recording devices.

Symposium Papers

Listing of all symposium papers (includes abstracts and complete papers)

Jennifer L. Mnookin & Richard M. Re

Foreword - Imagining the Legal Landscape: Technology and the Law in 2030

Jane R. Bambauer

Glass Half Empty

William Boyd

Environmental Law, Big Data, & The Torrent of Singularities

Kristen E. Eichensehr

Giving Up On Cybersecurity

Robin Feldman

The CRISPR Revolution: What Editing Human DNA Reveals About the Patent System’s DNA

Dov Fox

Selective Procreation In Public And Private Law

Brett Frischmann
and Evan Selinger

Utopia?: A Technologically Determined World Of Frictionless Transactions, Optimized Production, And Maximal Happiness

Elizabeth E. Joh

Policing Police Robots

Christopher Kelty

Two Fables

Erin Murphy

DNA in the Criminal Justice System: A Congressional Research Service Report* (*From the Future)

Edward A. Parson

Social Control of Technological Risks: The Dilemma of Knowledge and Control in Practice, and Ways to Surmount It

Richard M. Re

Imagining Perfect Surveillance

Jaclyn Seelagy

Virtual Violence