Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program at UCLA Law

Public Values in Conflict with Animal Agribusiness Practices

February 23, 2019 / UCLA School of Law

We hope you will join us at UCLA Law School for an innovative conference, which will include three panels about subjects relevant to closing the gap between public values and animal agribusiness practices. Our goal is to provide comparative perspectives from different social justice movements whose missions are negatively impacted by animal agribusiness, such as animal protection, labor law enforcement, and protection of human health and the environment.

Understanding Consumer Literacy about 'Milk' - Comment Submitted to FDA

Based on research completed by two of our small grant recipients, the UCLA Animal Law and Policy Program submitted a Comment to the FDA regarding its consideration of standards of identity for products labeled as "milk" or "milk product." Researchers Silke and Adam Feltz conducted empirical research on whether consumers are confused about the source of plant-based milks and milk products as not derived from lactating animals or about the nutritional differences between plant-based milk products and those derived from animals. Their results indicate that speculation about "consumer confusion" is not well-founded and that the FDA should not exclude use of the term "milk" in plant-based products.

Read the full Comment.

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