Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program at UCLA Law

Taimie BryantTaimie L. Bryant
Professor of Law
Director, Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program at UCLA Law
Since 1994, Taimie Bryant has taught several different animal law courses and has conducted research and writing on varied animal law topics. All of her teaching and scholarship reflect her training in both anthropology and law. During research for various interdisciplinary animal law projects, Dr. Bryant came to appreciate the considerable value of research in other fields, which, if fully understood and utilized, can facilitate the work of animal law scholars and practitioners. The Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program at UCLA Law School is premised on that belief that positive change to benefit animals will emerge from research produced by researchers in non-law fields as it intersects with the work of researchers and practitioners of animal law.
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Benjamin NybladeBenjamin Nyblade
Director, Empirical Research Group
In the short time since he joined UCLA Law School, Dr. Ben Nyblade has developed a strong reputation for the value of his advice to UCLA Law faculty and staff engaged in empirical research and the evaluation of empirical research data. His assistance with the Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program at UCLA Law School includes his ability to assess the strengths of proposed empirical methodology and his identification of academic departments likely to house researchers doing work appropriate for Animal Law and Policy Small Grant support.
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Henry KimHenry Kim
Statistician, Empirical Research Group
Dr. Henry Kim assists in all aspects of evaluating research methodology, design, and interpretation of results. He and Dr. Nyblade are important members of the application review committee.

Mary Tran 2Mary Tran
Administrative Assistant

Bob Barker 2Bob Barker
For decades - since long before there was any significant societal support for protection of animals’ interests - Bob Barker has been their defender. He has not been shy about speaking out against the exploitation of animals or the plight of homeless animals, as when he regularly urged viewers of The Price is Right to spay or neuter their pets. He has also funded efforts to stop exploitation of animals, including generous gifts to animal protection nonprofits and educational institutions for the purpose of developing educated awareness of the need for and benefits of animal protection. UCLA School of Law is the proud recipient of a generous endowment gift from Mr. Barker to support animal law. Income from that gift will fund this Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program at UCLA Law School.

William HaleWilliam Hale
Mr. Hale is a UCLA Law School alumna and an attorney in practice at Pillsbury in San Francisco, where he includes pro bono legal work on behalf of animals. Mr. Hale’s support of the UCLA Animal Law and Policy Program has been critical to expansion of the Program to include the UCLA Dog Administrative Hearings Clinic.

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Taimie Bryant
Director, Animal Law and Policy Small Grants Program


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