Overheated: What to watch for, and ignore, at the UN climate talks

November 8, 2023 12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Overheated: What to watch for, and ignore, at the UN climate talks

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At the end of November, climate scientists, negotiators, policymakers, and lobbyists will converge in Dubai as the United Arab Emirates hosts the latest United Nations-sponsored climate talks. The climate talks, known by the acronym COP28, come at a crucial time in the effort to reduce planet-warming emissions.

A delegation from the UCLA Emmett Institute will also be in Dubai to participate in events and engage in dialogue with environmental law colleagues from around the world.

Join four of our faculty experts, including several who will be on the ground in Dubai, for a panel discussion that previews the top challenges and opportunities for international negotiation, including fossil fuel phase-out, methane regulation, and the risks of climate overshoot. The conference has already faced criticism thanks to the host country’s status as a major oil producer. We’ll hear how that dynamic could affect the outcome of the talks.

Mary Nichols, Distinguished Counsel
Ted Parson, Faculty Director
Alex Wang, Faculty Co-Director
Moderated by Cara Horowitz, Executive Director