Paya: The Water Story of the Paiute

November 15, 2022 12:10 PM - 1:40 PM

This film tells the story of America's long-lived and ongoing water war between the Owens Valley Paiute people and the City of Los Angeles. Paya documents the history of the Owens Valley Paiute who constructed and managed intricate irrigation systems for millennia, long before Los Angeles diverted the Owens River through the Los Angeles Aqueduct, 220 miles across the Mojave Desert.

We'll participate in a prayer and hear opening remarks before embarking on this beautiful 35-minute film. Then, Teri Red Owl and Kyndall Noah from the Owens Valley Indian Water Commission along with Paul Huette and Noah Williams from the Big Pine Paiute Tribe Environmental Department will share stories of water, associated conflict, and legal questions.

Link to join via Zoom:

Hosted by UCLA Law's Native American Law Students Association, Environmental Law Society, and Tribal Legal Development Clinic.

Lunch can be picked up before the event and eaten in the classroom during the film.
Prayer and opening remarks 12:10-12:25
Film 12:25-1:00
Panel 1:00-1:40