Red Rising: The Shifting Legal Landscape of Tribal Sovereignty

February 9, 2024 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This symposium will be in collaboration with the UCLA Law Review, Native Nations Law and Policy Center at UCLA and the Indigenous Peoples' Journal of Law, Culture, and Resistance.

The legal landscape around tribal sovereignty and Indigenous rights to self-determination is shifting. Recent cases like Castro-Huerta v. Oklahoma and Navajo Nation v. Arizona show that the Supreme Court may be willing to overturn hundreds of years of settled precedent in favor of states’ rights and corporate interests. Even when tribes do prevail, cases like Haaland v. Brackeen hint at potential future challenges to Indian rights. This year’s Symposium will bring together the country’s leading legal scholars, Indigenous communities, and students to discuss the most salient questions facing Indian law and Indigenous rights today.

We are proud to center tribal sovereignty at such a pivotal moment.

The UCLA Law Review holds steadfast to its core values of inclusion, justice, and excellence in scholarship, and this year’s topic underscores that mission.

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