Alexander Stremitzer

Senior Scholar in Residence

  • B.Sc., Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, 2000
  • M.I.M.(C.E.M.S.), HEC-Paris, 2000
  • Ph.D., Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, 2003
  • J.D., University of Vienna, 2006
  • UCLA Law Faculty Since 2011

Alexander Stremitzer is Professor for Law, Economics, and Business at ETH Zurich. He was previously Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law. Before joining UCLA's faculty in 2011, Alexander Stremitzer was assistant professor of economics at the University of Bonn and visiting assistant professor at Yale Law School and in Yale University’s economics department. He also spent extended research visits at NYU Law School, ETH Zurich and Columbia University's Center for Contracts and Economic Organization.

His research and teaching interests include theoretical and experimental law and economics, contracts, torts, business bankruptcy, law & tech, and contract design. In addition to works in German, Professor Stremitzer’s recent scholarly work in English has been published in several journals including the Journal of Legal Studies, the Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, the Journal of Law & Economics, the American Review of Law & Economics, Games & Economic Behavior, the Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and the Yale Law Journal. In 2020, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Law and Economics Association.

Professor Stremitzer earned a Master's degree in International Management at HEC-Paris in 2000, and in 2003 received a Ph.D., with distinction, in Business Economics from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.  Professor Stremitzer earned a J.D. in 2006 from the University of Vienna.

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  • Articles
    • Having your day in Robot Court (with Benjamin Minhao Chen and Kevin Tobia), Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (2022). Full Text
    • Vaccine Passports as a Constitutional Right (with Kevin Cope and Ilya Somin), 51 Arizona State Law Journal 505 (2022). Full Text
    • When Does Physician Use of AI Increase Liability (with Aileen Nielsen and Kevin Tobia), 62(1) Journal of Nuclear Medicine 17-21 (2021).
    • Promises, Reliance, and Psychological Lock-In (with Rebecca Stone), 49 Journal of Legal Studies 33 (2020). Working Paper Version | [Appendix G: Screenshots – Lab] | [Appendix H: Screenshots – Vignette]
    • Promises, Expectations, and Social Cooperation (with Dorothee Mischkowski and Rebecca Stone), 62 Journal of Law & Economics 687 (2019). Working Paper Version
    • Stretch It But Don’t Break It: The Hidden Cost of Contract Framing (with Richard R.W. Brooks and Stephan Tontrup), 46 Journal of Legal Studies 399-426 (2017). Full Text | [Working Paper Version] | Experimental Protocols
    • Promises and Expectations (with Florian Ederer), 106 Games and Economic Behavior 161-178 (2017).  Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • The Moral-Hazard Effect of Liquidated Damages: An Experiment on Contract Remedies: Comment, 173(1) Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (JITE) 110-113 (2017). Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • The Robustness Case for Proportional Liability (with Avraham D. Tabbach), 14 The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (BEJTE) 371 (2014). Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • Breach Remedies Inducing Hybrid Investments (with Daniel Göller), 37 International Review of Law & Economics 26-38 (2014). Full Text
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    • Framing Contracts: Why Loss Framing Increases Effort (with Richard R. W. Brooks and Stephan Tontrup), 168 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 62-82 (2012). Full Text | [Working Version] | Experimental Protocols
    • The Measure of a MAC: A Machine-Learning Protocol for Analyzing Force Majeure Clauses in M&A Agreements: Comment, 168 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 206-208 (2012). Full Text
    • Beyond Ex Post Expediency - An Ex Ante View of Rescission (with Richard R.W. Brooks), 68 Washington and Lee Law Review 1171-83 (2011). Full Text
    • Remedies On and Off Contract (with Richard R.W. Brooks), 120 Yale Law Journal 690-727 (2011). Full Text
    • If You Give Shareholders Power, Do They Use It?: Comment, 166 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 58-61 (2010). Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • Der Einwand rechtmäßigen Alternativverhaltens - Rechtsvergleich, Ökonomische Analyse und Implikationen für die Proportionalhaftung (with Kristoffel Grechenig), 73 Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht 336-371 (2009). (English Title: The Doctrine of Proximate Cause - A Comparative and Economic Approach and its Implications for Proportional Liability) Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • Erga Omnes Norms and the Enforcement of International Law: Comment, 165 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 29-32 (2009). Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • Haftung bei Unsicherheit des hypothetischen Kausalitätsverlaufs – Berechnungsmethoden am Beispiel der Arzthaftung, 208(5) Archiv für die civilistische Praxis (AcP) 676-698 (Oktober 2008). (English Title: Liability under Uncertain Causation – Calculation of Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases)Full Text[Working Paper Version]
    • Exploiting Plaintiffs through Settlement: Divide and Conquer: Comment, 164 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 27-30 (2008). Full Text[Working Paper Version]
  • Books And Book Chapters
    • Die Proportionalhaftung als vorzugswürdiges Haftungsregime (with Gregor Christandl), in Interdisziplinäre Studien zur Komparatistik und zum Kollisionsrecht 201-35 (edited by B. Verschraegen, Jan Sramek Verlag, Wien, 2010). (English Title: Proportional Liability as the Preferrable Liability Regime, in Interdisciplinary Studies of Comparative and Private International Law.)
    • Ökonomische Analyse der Organhaftung (with Georg Eckert and Kristoffel Grechenig), in Vorstandshaftung in 15 europäischen Ländern 95-163 (edited by S. Klass, Linde Verlag, Wien, 2005). (English Title: Economic Analysis of Director’s Liability) Full Text | [Working Paper Version]
    • Agency Theory: Methodology, Analysis. A Structured Approach to Writing Contracts (Peter Lang, 2005). Part of the Outstanding Dissertations Series of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Full Text
  • Case Studies And Teaching Materials
    • The Femern Fixed Link: A Case Study in the Optimization of Construction Contracts (with Daniel Alterbaum, Richard R. W. Brooks and Henrik Lando), Yale School of Management Case No. 10-040 (2011). Full Text
  • Working Papers
    • Norm-Based Enforcement of Promises (with Rebecca Stone), UCLA School of Law, Law-Econ Research Paper No. 19-04 (2019). Full Text
    • Insolvency and Biased Standards - The Case for Proportional Liability (with Avraham D. Tabbach), Yale Law & Economics Research Paper No. 397. Full Text
    • Plaintiffs Exploiting Plaintiffs, SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 224.. (revise and resubmit Games and Economics Behavior) Full Text
    • Resurrecting Causation, UCLA School of Law Working Paper Series, Law-Econ Research Paper No. 12-10. Previous Version: Negligence-Based Proportional Liability – How More Lenient Sanctions Lead to Higher Compliance. [Working Paper Version]
  • Works In Progress
    • Constitutional Rights as Promises – Is Less More?, (with Mila Versteeg and Adi Leibovitch).
    • Aspirational Rights (with Mila Versteeg and Adi Leibovitch).
    • Private Enforcement of Privacy Policies (working title), (with Florencia Marotta-Wurgler).
    • Promise Keeping and the Use of Agents--Experimental Evidence (with Russell Korobkin).
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