Patrick D. Goodman

Lecturer in Law

  • B.A. UCLA, 1991
  • M.Ed. UCLA, 1992
  • J.D. Columbia, 1996
  • UCLA Faculty Since 2001

Patrick D. Goodman teaches Remedies, Wills and Trusts, American Law in the Global Context, and a seminar in Law and Popular Culture. He is also the creator and co-developer of Law 101: Introduction to Legal Analysis, a new, required part of the first-year curriculum. He has also taught Legal Research and Writing, Written Legal Analysis, and the California Appellate Advocacy Clinic, a live-client appellate course in juvenile law he founded at the UCLA School of Law in partnership with Los Angeles County. He is coauthor of Cracking the Case Method: Legal Analysis for Law School Success (2d ed. West 2018).

In 2010, Professor Goodman was awarded the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award, the University's highest teaching honor. In 2013, he received the UCLA School of Law's Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching. For six consecutive years, Professor Goodman was elected the UCLA School of Law Professor of the Year by the graduating class - from May 2010 to May 2015. In 2016, it was agreed that past winners of the award would be eligible for the award after three years. In May 2018, Professor Goodman was elected Professor of the Year for a seventh time.

Prior to law school, Goodman earned a Master of Education degree from UCLA. At Columbia Law School, Goodman was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and recipient of the 1996 Jane Marks Murphy Prize for Excellence in Advocacy. After law school, Goodman joined Morrison & Foerster in Los Angeles as a litigation associate. In 1998, he began at the Los Angeles County Counsel’s Office as an attorney specializing in juvenile law and appellate practice, and he later was promoted to Senior Associate County Counsel. In November 1999, Goodman became Deputy County Counsel, a position he held before joining the UCLA School of Law faculty. Professor Goodman has served as lead counsel in over one hundred appeals, and he supervises certified UCLA law students in the California Court of Appeal.


  • Books
    • Cracking the Case Method: Legal Analysis for Law School Success (with Paul Bergman and Thomas Holm). 2nd ed. West Academic (2018).
  • Articles
    • 2013 William Rutter Award Acceptance Speech, 61 UCLA Law Review Discourse 12 (2013).
    • Forensic Hair Comparison Analysis: Nineteenth Century Science or Twentieth Century Snake Oil? (with Clive A. Stafford Smith), 27 Columbia Human Rights Law Review 227 (1996).
  • Op-Eds
    • Trump and the American Normal: Attacks on the Judiciary Undermine Our Legal Institutions, Los Angeles Daily Journal (Feb. 24, 2017).
    • It’s Time to Appoint a Special Prosecutor, National Law Journal (Dec. 13, 2010).