Stephen C. Yeazell

David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus

  • B.A. Swarthmore, 1967
  • M.A. English and Comparative Literature, Columbia, 1968
  • J.D. Harvard, 1974
  • UCLA Law faculty since 1975

Stephen Yeazell writes about the history, theory, and dynamics of modern civil litigation. His courses correspond to these interests. He has received the campus’s highest awards for his teaching (the University's Distinguished Teaching Award), his research (the UCLA Faculty Research Lectureship), and his service (the Carole E. Goldberg award for distinguished service by an emeritus professor). He was also the first recipient of the School of Law's Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching. He has served as Associate Dean of the School of Law, as Chair of the UCLA Academic Senate, and as Interim Dean of the School of Law. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Before studying law, Professor Yeazell did graduate work in English literature and taught English and history in junior high schools in New York City, an experience, he reports, that has made him appreciate the relative calm of even the feistiest law school class. After law school, he clerked for Justice Mathew Tobriner of the California Supreme Court.

Professor Yeazell's books include From Medieval Group Litigation to the Modern Class Action (1987); Contemporary Civil Litigation (2009); Civil Procedure (10th ed., 2018, with Joanna Schwartz); and Lawsuits in a Market Economy: The Evolution of Civil Litigation (U.Chicago Press. 2018).


  • Books
    • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; With Selected Statutes and Cases (with Joanna Schwartz). Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2019). Prior editions: 1988-2018.
    • Civil Procedure (with Joanna Schwartz). 10th ed. Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2018). Prior editions: 9th (20160; 8th (2012); 7th (2008); 6th (2004); 5th 2000; Little, Brown: 4th, 1996; 3rd, 1992 (with Landers & Martin); and 2nd, 1988 (with Landers & Martin). Law School Casebook Series.
    • Lawsuits in a Market Economy. Univ. of Chicago Press (2018).
    • Contemporary Civil Litigation. Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2009).
    • From Medieval Group Litigation to the Modern Class Action. Yale University Press (1987).
  • Articles And Chapters
    • Courting Ignorance: Why We Know so Little About Our Most Important Courts, 143 Daedalus 129 (2014). Full Text
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  • Other
    • Civil Litigation is Misunderstood. Here's Why, The National Law Journal (Sept. 27, 2018).
    • Book Review, 15 Law & History Review 432-33 (1997). Reviewing Law and the Company We Keep, by Aviam Soifer.
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