William A. Klein

Richard C. Maxwell Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus

  • A.B. Harvard, 1952
  • LL.B. Harvard, 1957
  • UCLA Faculty Since 1971

William A. Klein taught and wrote in the fields of business organizations and federal income taxation.

Before joining UCLA, Professor Klein clerked for Judge David L. Bazelon of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. He then worked at the U.S. Department of Justice and for a Boston law firm, before teaching at the University of Wisconsin for ten years. His recreational activities include running, skiing, and fly fishing.

Professor Klein has co-authored: Business Organization and Finance (11th ed., with Coffee and Partnoy, 2010); Federal Income Taxation (15th ed., with Bankman, Shaviro, and Stark, 2009); Business Associations, Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnership, and Corporations (9th ed., with Ramseyer and Bainbridge, 2015); and Agency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities (3d ed., with Ramseyer and Bainbridge, 2012). His recent articles focus on the legal organization of economic activity.


  • Books
    • Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations (with Stephen Bainbridge and J. Mark Ramseyer). 9th ed. Foundation Press (2015).
    • Agency, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Entities (with Stephen M. Bainbridge and J. Mark Ramseyer). 3rd ed. Foundation Press (2012).
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    • Federal Income Taxation (with Joseph Bankman, Daniel Shaviro and Kirk Stark). 15th ed. Aspen Law & Business (2009).
    • Policy Analysis of the Federal Income Tax: Text and Readings. Foundation Press (1976).
  • Articles And Chapters
    • Martin v. Peyton: Rich Investors, Risky Investment, and the Line between Lenders and Undisclosed Partners, in Corporate Law Stories, (edited by Mark Ramseyer, Foundation Press, 2008). Full Text
    • Economic Organization in the Construction Industry: A Case Study of Colloborative Production Under High Uncertainty (with G. Mitu Gulati), UCLA School of Law Working Paper Series, Law & Economics (Aug. 22, 2003). Full Text
    • When a Workers’ Cooperative Works: The Case of Kerala Dinesh Beedi (with G. Mitu Gulati and T.M. Thomas Isaac), 49 UCLA Law Review 1417-54 (2002). Full Text
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