Curricular Innovation

At UCLA Law, we continually refine our curriculum to reflect the evolving demands of a dynamic legal profession.

All incoming students are exposed to the fundamentals of the first-year learning process when they attend a weeklong orientation. This immersion experience eases the transition to law school and primes students to begin thinking of themselves as lawyers and advocates.

From there, students set out on a remarkable first year that promotes optimal learning through a variety of courses, including a class on the lawyer-client relationship. This class seamlessly integrates theory and practice with live-client interviews that sharpen students’ skills. Through practical hands-on opportunities, students begin to understand the critically important aspects of counseling clients in an ethical and professional manner.

The second and third years at UCLA Law offer a rich array of upper-division classes, clinics and specializations that are recognized as some of the finest educational experiences for law students anywhere. We have offered a real estate clinic that enables students to hone their skills by assisting clients in finding affordable housing options, as well as established a medical-legal partnership that immerses students in an emerging area of health care law.

Live-client simulations and an expanding number of externships at the local, national and international levels further enhance our reputation for impressive curricular offerings. With your support, we can remain at the forefront of innovative learning.

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