Child and Youth Advocates

Mission: The mission of Child and Youth Advocates is to provide UCLA Law students with opportunities to learn about the many sub-disciplines of child and youth law, including child welfare, family law, juvenile justice, education, and crimes against children. Our activities enable students to connect with organizations providing legal services to children, learn from invited speakers and panelists, and participate in community service with local youth-serving organizations. We aim to inform members about legal issues affecting children and youth and support their endeavors in the field.


Co-chair: Ilina Bhor:
Co-chair: Ansley Bolick:
Event Coordinator: Rebecca Nelson:
Outreach Coordinator: Gabriella Cohen Herrera:
Volunteer Coordinator: Tess Joseph:


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Aug 09, 2022

Michael Karanicolas Talks to NBC News About Legislation to Protect Children on Social Media

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Aug 08, 2022

Jon Michaels Writes an Op-Ed in the LA Times on Responding to the Insulin Price Crisis

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