Amicus Curiae Letter for Environmental Law Foundation in Los Angeles Waterkeeper v. State Water Resources Control Board

August 10, 2023

Frank G. Wells Environmental Law Clinic Director Cara Horowitz and Shapiro Fellow Ruthie Lazenby submitted an amicus curiae letter in support of a petition to review the Court of Appeal’s decision in Los Angeles Waterkeeper v. State Water Resources Control Board. 

The letter was submitted to the Supreme Court of California on Aug. 1 on behalf of the Environmental Law Foundation. This case centers on constitutional and statutory provisions—colloquially known as the "waste and unreasonable use" provisions—that are unique to California and provide important tools for protecting and managing California’s water.

The letter notes that the issues presented in this case are of enormous importance to California and will affect the state’s ability to conserve its increasingly precious water resources in the years to come. The letter urges the California Supreme Court to review the lower court’s decision, which blunts these tools at a time when Southern California is facing increasing water scarcity and the impacts of climate change.

Download the letter.

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