Defining Good Infill

A Convening Report on SB 226 and the California Environmental Quality Act

April 23, 2012
Ethan Elkind

Under SB 226, qualifying infill projects can avoid environmental review of impacts that were addressed in prior, program-level analysis or where local development standards already mitigate them. Project proponents can also analyze environmental impacts specific to the project through a more streamlined CEQA process.

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) is responsible for developing regulations to implement SB 226. To provide guidance to OPR in this effort, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UCLA Schools of Law​ invited a group of expert CEQA legal practitioners, representing a range of clients and organizations, as well as technical experts, largely drawn from the field of transportation modeling and academia (for a complete list of participants, see page 5). Staff from OPR assisted with the facilitation of the discussion and presented their draft regulations for feedback.​

This report provides a brief overview of SB 226 and its implementation and a summary of the March 9, 2012 discussion.​

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