Tracking Coastal Adaptation

This Pritzker Brief focuses on Assembly Bill 2516, a law that requires California to develop a database of actions to plan for sea level rise.

May 12, 2015
Megan Herzog, Susanne Moser, Sarah Newkirk

This paper, the seventh paper in the Emmett Institute’s Pritzker Brief series, focuses on Assembly Bill 2516, an innovative new law that requires California to develop an online database of actions taken by state agencies and selected other entities to plan for sea level rise. With input from a team of coastal adaptation experts, co-authors Megan Herzog (Emmett Institute), Susanne Moser (Susanne Moser Research & Consulting/Stanford), and Sarah Newkirk (The Nature Conservancy) offer recommendations on the content, format and functionality of the new database, including potential survey questions and indicators to incorporate. The report suggests A.B. 2516 should be seen as a planning tool that can play an integral role in the development and promotion of coordinated, integrated, and effective state policy to protect California's coasts from sea level rise. These recommendations may be useful to other states, policymakers, researchers, and private entities seeking to enhance the compilation, publication, and analysis of information about climate change adaptation.


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