UCLA Law's PULSE Program Launches Platform for AI Scholarship

March 12, 2019
Program on Understanding Law, Science and Evidence

The Program on Understanding Law, Science and Evidence at UCLA Law (PULSE) has launched a platform to publish and promote cutting-edge scholarship on law and policy governing artificial intelligence.

AIPULSE is a compendium of accessible and topical scholarship addressing topics including governance, security and intellectual property issues arising from growth and application of AI, as well as the intersection of AI with society and issues of international concern.

The site's opening collection presents eight pieces stemming from a workshop that PULSE convened in 2018, "AI in Strategic Context." Contributions explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and economic equality and empowerment, global culture, domestic and international safety regulation, philosophy, intellectual property and national security.

AIPULSE welcomes inquiries from authors who would like to see their work published on AIPULSE.

Founded in 2009, PULSE at UCLA School of Law how technological advances and scientific knowledge and uncertainties influence law and policy making, and how their impacts can be managed to advance human and societal well-being. Program co-directors are UCLA Law Dean Jennifer Mnookin and Professor Richard Re.

The AI Pulse project, overseen by Re and Edward Parson, the Dan and Rae Emmett Professor of Environmental Law at UCLA, is supported by a generous gift from the Open Philanthropy Project.

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