Business Law Workshop

The Business Law Workshop is led by Professor Andrew Verstein.

Workshop Speakers

  • Spring 2024

    January 23
    Sarath Sanga
    Yale University Law School 
    "Delaware's Contractarian Turn: A Theory of Altering Rules for Corporate Law"

    January 25
    Aneil Kovvali
    Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law
    “Private Profits and Public Business”

    February 1
    Michael Simkovic
    USC Gould School of Law
    "Absolute Priority, Relative Priority, and Valuation Uncertainty in Bankruptcy"

    February 15
    Natalya Shnitser
    Boston College Law School
    "Overtaking Mutual Funds: The Hidden Rise and Risk of Collective Investment Trusts"

    February 20
    Caley Petrucci
    University of San Diego School of Law

    February 27
    Anne Choike
    Michigan State University College of Law

    March 5
    Shawn Bayern
    Florida State University College of Law
    “Organizational Liability”

    March 7
    Eric Talley
    Columbia University Law School

    March 12
    David Yosifon
    Santa Clara University School of Law
    "Escaping Bad Faith: Sartre, Nietzsche, and Delaware Corporate Law"

    April 4
    Mitu Gulati
    University of Virginia Law School

    April 9
    Lynn Bai
    University of Cincinnati College of Law
    "The SEC’s Stock Repurchase Reform: Much Ado About Nothing?"

    April 16
    Brook E. Gotberg
    Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School
    "The Bankruptcy Purpose of Solvent Debtors"

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James Park is quoted by the Washington Post on shareholder approval of Elon Musk's Tesla pay

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