Montae Langston

Fellow Profile: Montae Langston Law Fellows Class of 2008 - 2009

Montae LangstonAs a junior in college I had a sense that I wanted to be a lawyer, but no concrete sense of how to get there. I was always passionate and involved in policywork around foster care and child welfare policies, but was unsure of how these interests might benefit from legal training. A s the first person in my immediate family to graduate from high school, I lacked a social network to mentor me through the law school application procedures, LSAT preparation, and overall law school preparedness.

Law Fellows filled crucial gaps in my knowledge by giving me the opportunity to learn more about what law school entailed, the various fields of practice, and the admissions process. I not only benefited from the Saturday Academies held each month, but also from the guidance provided by the mentors, current law school students, and staff. The program also provided me with much needed monetary assistance to purchase a full LSAT prep course. Without the scholarship, I would not have been able to afford a course on my own.

Looking back, I consider Law Fellows to be a community that has been pivotal to my success in law school and I look forward to nurturing this relationship as an alumni.