Summer Judicial Externship Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that UCLA School of Law has established a summer Judicial Externship Fellowship Program. Through this program, every UCLA first-year law student who secures a full-time summer externship of at least 8 weeks with a judge in a federal court (circuit, district, magistrate, bankruptcy, tax) or in a state’s highest court (i.e., the Supreme Court of California or its equivalent) will receive funding support from the school.

We have long understood that working as a judicial extern offers an unparalleled experience for law students, and for many years we have encouraged our students to take advantage of these excellent opportunities. While approximately 20% of each first-year class historically has worked in judicial chambers during the summer, we also recognize that in the absence of funding support, some students are not in a position to pursue these positions. We believe that our Judicial Externship Fellowship Program will enable all students who are interested in a summer judicial externship to pursue such an opportunity, thereby affording you access to an even stronger and more diverse pool of candidates.

If you have an interest in receiving UCLA Law applications, we have enclosed a survey regarding your preferred application process and timing. Please feel free to complete our form. If you find it easier, you or someone in your chambers can also simply call (310) 206-1117. Please also feel free to pass this information along to colleagues who may be interested in UCLA externs as well.

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