Reciprocity Policy and Procedures

Reciprocity allows UCLA and other NALP member law schools to support the employment search of students and alumni from ABA accredited law school providing similar services. Reciprocity requests will ONLY be considered from December 1st through June 30th, from ABA-accredited law schools, outside of the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Please note reciprocity involves remote online access to our job database; we are not able to provide in-person use of our facilities.

Non-UCLA Students and Alumni: Access to UCLA Law

Reciprocity is granted on a one-to-one basis to students and graduates of accredited law schools that grant reciprocity to UCLA students or graduates. Services are only granted to the extent that the reciprocating school provides in-kind services each year. We are not able to grant all requests.

Reciprocity Includes:

Remote online guest access to our online career opportunities (Symplicity). Guest accounts are "browse-only," meaning account holders cannot upload any documents to the system.

Reciprocity Limitations:

  • Reciprocity requests are for a three-month period or until June 30th, whichever occurs first. Reciprocity is closed from July 1st to December 1st.
  • Reciprocity will only be granted to students or alumni for whom a request was made. OCS may restrict or revoke reciprocity privileges of any individual who misuses our services or facilities.
  • The following services are not available under a reciprocity grant:
    • Career counseling, resume review, or on-campus interviewing.
    • Username and password necessary to access subscribed websites.
    • Access to the intranet part of UCLA Law School's website (MyLaw).

To Request Reciprocity: Non-UCLA Students/Alumni

  1. All requests must be made by the career services office of the law student or alumni requesting reciprocity via email to (
  2. All requests are evaluated individually. A grant of reciprocity is not guaranteed.
    *Please note, unfortunately due to the large number of reciprocity requests UCLA Law receives each year, we are not be able to grant all requests.
  3. UCLA School of Law OCS only communicates with the requesting law school, but as a courtesy, UCLA will send a copy of the grant or denial to the requestor if their information is provided.

UCLA Law Students and Alumni: Access to other law schools

Reciprocity services vary by school. Most law schools have a period of time during which reciprocity services are NOT granted and typically occur between July 1st and December 15th.

To Request Reciprocity:

  1. Please check the reciprocity policies of the law schools in the geographic area in which you are seeking career opportunities. Current reciprocity policies may be found through the NALP website or the individual law school's website.
  2. Make sure the law schools' reciprocity policies:
    1. Will meet your needs (remote online access).
    2. Provide reciprocity for your class year (1L, 2L, 3L, Grad).
  3. Email ( the names of your top three (3) law schools from which you would like to receive reciprocity. We will then submit a request on your behalf.
    * If for some reason your first choice denies our request, we will then contact your second and third choice.
  4. You may receive reciprocity from only one school at a time.