Access to the Law Library

Other Library Policies Smoking, Food & Beverages

As of April 2013, the UCLA Campus implemented a smoke/tobacco free environment.

Please help us keep our library beautiful. Beverages are allowed in the Library, but only in sealable, reusable containers. Beverages in disposable containers are strictly prohibited. Please be aware that CONSUMPTION OF FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE LAW LIBRARY. The pests that are attracted to the Library by food also eat our books. We ask for your cooperation in adhering to the "NO FOOD" policy.

Cell/Mobile Phones

In accordance with UCLA campus policy, sound on cell/mobile devices must be turned off when entering the Library. As a courtesy to others, please hold all mobile phone conversations outside of the library.


The Library has a number of computers which are located in the Reference Reading Room, near the entrance and on the second and third floors in the stacks. These computers are available for academic and legal research purposes only and are not to be used for e-mail, word processing or playing games. Use of the Library's computers is limited to 2 hours per day. In addition, the Law Library also follows the UCLA Library system's "Acceptable Use Policy for Library Public Computers."

Restricted Areas

The following areas of the Library are reserved for the exclusive use of the UCLA Law School Community: the Tower Reading Room (4th Floor), all Conference Rooms and the Computer Labs. Your cooperation in observing these restrictions is appreciated.

Security/Personal Property

When using the Library, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS UNATTENDED. Please keep in mind that your valuables can be stolen in a matter of seconds. The Law Library is not liable for loss or damage to personal property. We encourage you to make use of the Library's public lockers to store your personal belongings.

Public Lockers

The Library has a bank of public lockers available to Library users. These are located to the left as you enter the Library, near the Photocopy Room. The cost for the lockers is 25¢ per use (You must deposit a quarter to release the key).

Campus Escort

The Department of Community Safety provides free escort service every day of the year from dusk to 1:00 a.m. Uniformed Community Service Officers (CSOs)–specially trained UCLA students–are available to walk students, staff, faculty and visitors between campus buildings and local living areas or Westwood Village. To obtain an escort, call (310)794-WALK (4WALK from a campus phone) about 20 minutes before you need to leave.

Access to Government Documents

General Information

Government Depository SealAccess to the Federal Depository Collection by the general public is an exception to the Law Library’s Access Policy. This exception is made in order to provide access to government information.  Access to the Federal Depository Collection entitles members of the public to use those publications received through the Federal Depository Library Program only; it does not entitle the visitor to use the Law Library’s general collections, services, or physical space. Once the user has completed his/her use of the federal depository documents, he/she is required to leave the Law Library promptly.

Application for Access to the Federal Depository Collection

Advance reservations are recommended for members of the public to ensure access to the Federal Depository Collection. Users can request reservation sessions by submitting the online request form or by calling (310) 825-3166. Phone requests should include the following information: your name, contact information (phone number or email address), and a description of the federal depository materials you are requesting to access.  Alternatively, if users are unable to submit the form electronically, they should send an email to with the information described above.

Requestors will receive a response within two business days. Federal Depository users with an immediate need may contact the library at (310) 825-3166 for assistance and will be accommodated as staff is available. 

Procedures for Use of Depository Collection

  1. Check in with the guard at the Library’s entrance at the appointed time. Visitors must present a government issued photo ID.
  2. The guard will escort the visitor to the Reference Reading Room where the requested document will be paged. The visitor will be required to work in the Reference Reading Room for the duration of the appointment.
  3. Upon completion of the use of the federal depository documents, the visitor will be required to leave the Law Library promptly.