SASN - Survivors and Allies Support Network

SASN LogoMission: Our mission is to create safe and healing spaces where survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma can find community and support on the law school campus; to help end stigma against survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma in our law school community, in the legal profession, in our greater community, and in the world at large; to promote awareness of the effects of sexual trauma on human beings and the ways that sexual and gender-based trauma interacts with other forms of trauma and interacts with people’s diverse identities to create unique harms and challenges; to advocate for accommodations and cultural shifts on behalf of survivors of sexual and gender-based trauma based on their needs and preferences; and to do anything else that we can to help create a safer world where people’s boundaries are respected and survivors of sexual trauma are able to thrive.

2019-2020 SASN Co-Chairs

Nicole Hansen

Ruby LeMorin

Jordan Palmer

Rachel Pendleton