Public Law Courses & Clinics

Public Law Courses

Course # Course Name Faculty
LAW 148 Constitutional Law I Jennifer M. Chacón / Stephen Gardbaum / Robert D. Goldstein / Cheryl I. Harris / Lawrence Sager / Jonathan D. Varat / Adam Winkler / Pavel Wonsowicz
LAW 201 Constitutional Law II Robert D. Goldstein / Jonathan D. Varat / Eugene Volokh
LAW 202 Constitutional Criminal Procedure Peter L. Arenella / Devon W. Carbado / Jennifer M. Chacón / Beth A. Colgan / David Dolinko / Kevin Lapp / Laurie Levenson / Richard M. Re
LAW 212 Federal Courts Richard M. Re / Jonathan D. Varat
LAW 213 Law of Advertising & the 1st Amendment Joseph Lewczak / Harvey Saferstein
LAW 214 Civil Rights Kimberlé W. Crenshaw / Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 216 Administrative Law Blake Emerson / Jon D. Michaels
LAW 220 Introduction to Federal Income Taxation Steven A. Bank / Jason Oh / Kirk J. Stark / Eric M. Zolt
LAW 222 Estate and Gift Taxation Elizabeth Bawden
LAW 224 U.S. International Taxation Eric M. Zolt
LAW 228 Mergers & Acquisitions Stephen M. Bainbridge
LAW 232 Cybersecurity Law and Policy Stuart Biegel / Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 236 Securities Regulation Sung Hui Kim / James Park
LAW 238 Executive Compensation Steven A. Bank
LAW 240 Antitrust Law I Mark F. Grady / Benjamin Klein
LAW 245 Drug and Medical Device Law Tarifa B. Laddon
LAW 249 Tax Aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions Steven A. Bank
LAW 260 Labor Law I Katherine Stone
LAW 261 Employment Law Scott R. Ames / Steven J. Kaplan
LAW 263 Employment Discrimination Law Cheryl I. Harris / David Simson / Noah D. Zatz
LAW 266 Critical Race Theory Devon W. Carbado / Laura E. Gómez / Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 267 Federal Indian Law Carole E. Goldberg / Angela R. Riley
LAW 269 National Security Law Jon D. Michaels
LAW 277 Comparative Constitutional Law Stephen Gardbaum / Guy Scoffoni
LAW 278 Comparative Law Stephen Gardbaum / Guy Scoffoni
LAW 286 Land Use Jonathan M. Zasloff
LAW 290 Environmental Law and Policy Ann E. Carlson / Sean B. Hecht / Cara Horowitz / Edward A. Parson
LAW 291 Taxation of Business Enterprises Steven A. Bank / Jason Oh
LAW 293 Public Natural Resources Law and Policy Sean B. Hecht
LAW 295 Adjudicative Criminal Procedure: Bail to Jail Peter L. Arenella / Sherod Thaxton
LAW 299 Federal Criminal Law Norman Abrams / Sherod Thaxton
LAW 300 Remedies Patrick D. Goodman / Paul Hayden
LAW 313 Conflict of Laws Clyde S. Spillenger
LAW 316 Disability Law Claudia L. Peña
LAW 318 Law and Sexuality Adam P. Romero
LAW 321 Legislation and Regulation Kristen Eichensehr / Daniel Hays Lowenstein
LAW 331 Immigration Law Ingrid V. Eagly / Hiroshi Motomura
LAW 363 Tax - Exempt Organizations Taimie L. Bryant / Jill R. Horwitz
LAW 376 Law and Dissent Frances Elisabeth Olsen
LAW 380 State and Local Taxation Kirk J. Stark
LAW 389 Prison Law and Policy Sharon Dolovich
LAW 397 Advanced Legal Research Stephanie Anayah / Cheryl Kelly Fischer / Rebecca Fordon / Kevin Gerson / Jodi Kruger / Lynn McClelland / Elyse Meyers
LAW 416 The Supreme Court of the United States Mark Greenberg
LAW 429 Capital Punishment in America Sherod Thaxton
LAW 437 Telecommunications Regulation Douglas Lichtman
LAW 440 Introduction to Food Law and Policy Michael T. Roberts
LAW 443 Comparative Environmental Law Alex Wang
LAW 447 Corporate Finance - Securities Markets and Corporate Value Lori Santikian
LAW 452 Class Actions Lane Dilg / Kalpana Srinivasan
LAW 457 Comparative Governance and Constitutional Rights Guy Scoffoni
LAW 465 Prospects for international justice Richard Dicker
LAW 475 U.S. Constitutional Law for Foreign Lawyers Peter L. Reich
LAW 515 The Entrepreneurial State Jon D. Michaels
LAW 543 UCLA Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance Jason Oh / Kirk J. Stark / Eric M. Zolt
LAW 550 The Theory and Practice of Constitutional Interpretation Frederick Schauer
LAW 560 Regulation of the Business Firm: Theory and Practice Timothy Malloy
LAW 565 Topics in American Constitutional History Clyde S. Spillenger
LAW 583 Foreign Relations Law Kristen Eichensehr
LAW 607 Digital Surveillance and the 4th Amendment Richard M. Re
LAW 610 Political Theory of the Founders Joshua Foa Dienstag
LAW 615 Ocean and Coastal Law and Policy Sean B. Hecht
LAW 619 Environmental Justice Law Maya Golden-Krasner / Adriano Martinez
LAW 629 Topics in Post-Conviction Law & Policy Sharon Dolovich
LAW 644 The Executive Power: Law, Theory and History Blake Emerson
LAW 645 Race Conscious Remedies Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 653 Advanced Critical Race Theory Devon W. Carbado / Kimberlé W. Crenshaw
LAW 654 Contemporary Free Exercise Issues: Sword or Shield? Michelle N. Deutchman
LAW 668 The 8th Amendment Punishments Clause Sharon Dolovich
LAW 669 Law and Psychology: Wrongful Convictions Barbara A. Spellman
LAW 671 Comparative Education: Law and Policy Shiva Falsafi
LAW 675 HIV/AIDS Law and Public Policy Robert Bradley Sears
LAW 678 Comparative Counterterrorism Law and Policy Eileen M. Decker
LAW 683 News Media Law in the Digital Age Dale Cohen
LAW 689 Future Law: Legal & Governance Responses to Transformative Societal Trends Edward A. Parson
LAW 690 Race, Social Psychology, and the Legal Process David Simson
LAW 695 Antitrust Analysis: Case Studies from Recent Mergers Jonathan Orszag
LAW 697 Gun Control Adam Winkler
LAW 727 Supreme Court Simulation Adam Winkler
LAW 908 Suing the Police Joanna C. Schwartz
LAW 917 Health Law & Policy Research Lynn McClelland
LAW 925 Heroes and Villains: The Lawyer's Narrative in Fact and Fiction Jonathan Shapiro
LAW 944 How Should We Fix the U.S. Health Care System? Jill R. Horwitz / Lynn McClelland
LAW 948 Policy Analysis and Advocacy Benjamin Nyblade / Richard H. Sander
LAW 955 Prospects for International Justice Richard Dicker
LAW M526 Housing Segregation, Housing Discrimination, and the Evolution of Public Policy Richard H. Sander