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Constitutional & Public Law

With renowned faculty and programs focused on constitutional and administrative law, UCLA Law grounds students in the relationship between individuals and the U.S. government.

Distinguished members of the UCLA Law faculty – including several former U.S. Supreme Court clerks and award-winning authors – drive a rich array of courses and programs through which students explore American governmental structure, the nature of power under the U.S. Constitution and the legal principles that undergird the administrative state.

In courses on constitutional law and governance, students examine the sources of presidential power and reconsider definitions of citizenship. Administrative law courses help students reconcile the practical necessities of having an unelected bureaucracy with a commitment to a government that is democratically accountable and legitimate.

Our robust experiential learning program also presents opportunities to work one-on-one with professors, lecturers and visiting experts who come from the highest levels of government, law and policy. Through the Supreme Court Clinic, First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic and other selective offerings, students participate in current court cases, occasionally deliver arguments before federal and state appeals courts and contend in depth with the most pressing legal issues today.

Constitutional & Public Law

Professor Steers National Conversation on Corporate Rights

Leading constitutional law scholar Adam Winkler educates his students – and the public – on the emergence of corporate rights.

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