Herbert Morris Lecture in Law & Philosophy

Sponsored by the Law & Philosophy Program at UCLA School of Law.

The Lecture is in honor of UCLA's Professor Herbert Morris, an eminent emeritus member of both the Law School and the Philosophy Department, for his contributions to the field of legal philosophy and for his contributions to the campus as a professor, dean, and interim provost.

The Seventh Herbert Morris Lecture in Law and Philosophy took place on January 28, 2022. The lecture, "The Moral Landscape of Constitutional Justice -- Where Imperfect Duties Abound!" will be offered by Professor Lawrence G. Sager. 

Larry Sager is a Distinguished Visitor in the UCLA Law and Philosophy Program and the Alice Jane Drysdale Sheffield Regents Chair in Law at the University of Texas. He began his teaching career at UCLA, and taught for many years at NYU, where he helped found the Colloquium in Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy. He is a renowned scholar who has made important and field-defining contributions to the studies of constitutional law, free exercise, legal theory, and judicial procedure and practice.

Past Speakers:

2022 Spring – Larry Sager
2022 Fall – Gideon Yaffe
2019 – Anita Allen
2017 – Liam Murphy
2015 – Martha Nussbaum
2013 – Jeremy Waldron
2011 – Charles Fried
2009 – Ronald Dworkin

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