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Food Law in the United States (Cambridge University Press 2016)

Michael T. Roberts

January 2016

Food Law Chinese Translation v2

Chinese translation of Food Law in the United States

As the modern food system continues to transform food—its composition, taste, availability, value, and appearance—consumers are increasingly confronted by legal and regulatory issues that affect us all on a daily basis. In Food Law in the United States, Michael Roberts addresses these issues in a comprehensive, systematic manner that lays out the national legal framework for the regulation of food and the legal tools that fill gaps in this framework, including litigation, state law, and private standards. Covering a broad expanse of topics including commerce, food safety, marketing, nutrition, and emerging food-systems issues such as local food, sustainability, security, urban agriculture, and equity, this book is an essential reference for lawyers, students, non-law professionals, and consumer advocates who must understand food law to advance their respective interests.

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