Trump’s Attacks on Critical Race Theory

September 14, 2020

The Promise Institute is appalled by the Trump Administration's attacks against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the withdrawal of funding for racial sensitivity trainings for federal agencies. CRT interrogates the way that white supremacy and institutional racism are pervasive in our social structures, and particularly the law. Through an examination of the ways in which legal institutions perpetuate the marginalization of communities of color and legitimate racialized forms of violence, CRT provides an analytic lens to identify and begin to dismantle systemic racism backstopped by law. It is crucially important to engage in this type of critique to confront the racially discriminatory structures that characterize the domestic legal order in the United States and to extend these insights to the international legal order as well. CRT has a unique manifestation in UCLA's Critical Race Studies Program, which educates, inspires, and trains racial justice warriors. We stand with our colleagues Kimberlé Crenshaw, Devon Carbado, Laura Gómez, Cheryl Harris, Gerald López, Jerry Kang and others who are thought-leaders in critical race studies.

For a deeper insight into Critical Race Theory, explore some of these seminal texts, below.

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