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Critical Race Studies

Led by renowned scholars who have influenced law and policy for decades, UCLA Law’s Critical Race Studies Program is the premier setting for studying the intersection of race and the law.

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Working at the intersection of race and the law to train advocates, leaders and scholars committed to challenging injustice in all its forms.

The first law school program in the United States dedicated to critical race theory in legal scholarship and related disciplines, the Critical Race Studies program is unequaled in American legal education. The cornerstone of the program is the CRS specialization, a competitive academic course of study engaging top students who are committed to racial justice scholarship and legal practice. The CRS specialization enhances coursework with a variety of collaborative and interdisciplinary experiences to integrate theory and practice. The Critical Race Studies program hosts an annual symposium that draws top scholars from around the country for discussion of cutting-edge topics and works with student-led clinics to provide students with on-the-ground training and opportunities for representation and advocacy.

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Who We Are

  • Past Faculty Directors

    2020-21: Laura Gómez

    2019-20: Laura Gómez

    2018-19: Laura Gómez

    2017-18: Cheryl Harris

    2016-17: Cheryl Harris & Noah Zatz

    2015-16: Chery Harris & Devon Carbado

    2014-15: Cheryl Harris

    2013-14: Devon Carbado

    2012-13: Cheryl Harris & Jyoti Nanda

    2011-12: Cheryl Harris & Kimberlé Crenshaw

    2010-11: Kimberlé W. Crenshaw

    2009-10: Kimberlé W. Crenshaw & Russell Robinson

    2008-09: Jerry Kang

    2007-09: Jerry Kang

    2006-07: Cheryl Harris

    2005-06: Cheryl Harris

    2004-05: Cheryl Harris

    2003-04: Devon Carbado

    2002-03: Devon Carbado

    2001-02: Jerry Kang & Laura Gómez

    2000-01: Jerry Kang & Laura Gómez

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Jun 16, 2021

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