Areas of Focus

Health Law

From regulation of new therapies and oversight of hospitals to privacy of patients, healthcare law is one of the most dynamic, complex and important areas of practice.

Health care law involves a complex network of laws and regulations governing medical care, patient privacy, insurance, professional accountability for providers, and business associations for hospitals, physician networks and related entities. UCLA Law offers strong curriculum in these areas, and the school’s Master of Legal Studies program allows students to pursue a specialization in health law.

Business & Tax

UCLA Law Professors Play Key Role in Landmark Puerto Rico Debt Deal

In seeing through a debt deal that is among the largest restructurings in U.S. history, bankruptcy experts Daniel Bussel and Kenneth Klee provide pivotal counsel to a stricken island.

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Jul 19, 2021

Letter on Potential Phase-Out of Oil and Gas Production Operations at the Inglewood Oil Field

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Jul 14, 2021

Fabulous Fellows: Students Earn Premier Honors in Public Interest Practice

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