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International & Comparative Law Program

Situated at a major global crossroads and with an expert faculty, UCLA Law's International and Comparative Law Program rivals any in the nation.


A Global Approach to Law

The International and Comparative Law Program offers a wealth of courses, seminars, and clinics taught by top scholars, as well as prominent guest speakers, highly regarded journals, international moot court opportunities, and exciting student organizations.

The International and Comparative Law Program (ICLP) engages in research, advocacy and public education in a multitude of areas of international and comparative law. Our faculty is composed of outstanding legal scholars and renowned international visitors who make UCLA Law a focal point in these fields. Our students can pursue a specialization in international and comparative law, and attend many events, workshops, and conferences featuring eminent scholars, practitioners and jurists.

Who We Are

Resources and Other Programs

  • Promise Institute for Human Rights

    The Promise Institute for Human Rights empowers students with enriching teaching and experiential clinic opportunities in human rights law, engages with diverse frameworks and disciplines to generate new thinking on human rights, and advocates for change in coalition with academics, practitioners, and activists.

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  • Promise Institute Europe

    Located in The Hague, home of international justice, the UCLA Law Promise Institute Europe places UCLA students, faculty and research at the center of the international human rights arena.

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  • Foreign Legal Study and Exchange Program

    In an increasingly interconnected world, experience and familiarity with international law and other nations’ legal systems and cultures is increasingly indispensable for lawyers, legal scholars, and law students alike. Recognizing this powerful trend, UCLA School of Law offers various opportunities for our students, and for law students in other countries, to gain exposure to international law and the legal systems and cultures of other nations through our Foreign Legal Study and Exchange Program (FLSEP).

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  • Interdisciplinary Study Opportunities

    UCLA School of Law has long been a leader in the interdisciplinary study of law, and unlike many other schools, UCLA law students can take courses in the professional schools and departments elsewhere on the UCLA campus, offering yet another way for students to connect to the world outside of the law school.

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  • Visiting Scholars, Jurists & Researchers Program

    The 'Visiting Scholars, Jurists & Researchers Program at UCLA School of Law enables scholars, practitioners and jurists to spend up to a year at UCLA, use the law school facilities, and interact with UCLA Law faculty and students. Participants in the program come from U.S. and overseas universities, foreign governmental entities, and are individual practitioners in foreign countries.

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    Jessica Peake
    Director, International & Comparative Law Program

    Alyssa Krieger
    Program Coordinator, International & Comparative Law Program

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