Law and American Indian Studies

A four-year program leading to a J.D. in Law and an M.A. in American Indian Studies.

UCLA Law and UCLA’s Interdepartmental Program in American Indian Studies offer an integrated program of study is designed to produce law graduates with a rich understanding of tribal cultures that will increase their legal understanding, facilitate their practice in the field of Indian law and enhance their service to Indian nations. Legal study will include relevant tribal, United States and international law. Courses in American Indian Studies will address the diverse histories, worldviews, values, languages and practices of North American tribes. The program requires satisfactory completion of at least eighty-seven (87) Law School semester units, including the first-year curriculum, specified Indian Law courses and elective courses, and at least twenty-eight (28) non-law American Indian Studies quarter units, including certain required courses and a thesis.

More Info about American-Indian Studies

For more detailed information about the American Indian Studies portion of the Joint Degree Program, contact the Interdepartmental Program in American Indian Studies at 310.825.7315 or

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