Master of Legal Studies Specializations

While in the Master of Legal Studies program, students may select from one of eight available specializations, design their own or opt for General Studies. These classes generally are taken from the J.D. curriculum with J.D. students (M.L.S. students are graded separately from J.D. students), but some specific courses of interest are created for the M.L.S students. With over 200+ courses to choose from ranging in time from the morning into the evening and online to on-campus options, we will work with you to craft the best schedule.

Click any specialization below to learn more details about the specific specialization; sample curriculum; and associated faculty, programs and centers. The eight specializations are:

  1. Business Law
  2. Employment & Human Resources Law
  3. Entertainment & Media Law
  4. Environmental Law
  5. Government & National Security Law
  6. Health Law & Policy
  7. Law & Technology
  8. Public Interest Law

Students who want to take a variety of courses may elect General Studies or self-design an individual program (with approval) in lieu of a listed specialization.

FAQs: Specializations and Classes

  • Am I in the same classes as J.D. students?

    The M.L.S. Core Classes are exclusively designed for and attended by M.L.S. students. In addition to several exclusive M.L.S. electives, M.L.S. students have over 200 advanced law courses to choose from as specialization courses or electives. These advanced law courses are taken alongside J.D., LL.M. and other UCLA graduate students.

  • For my specialization courses, may I choose from any class or seminar offered at UCLA Law?

    In addition to the courses that are part of the core M.L.S. curriculum, more than 200 UCLA Law courses are open as electives to M.L.S. students. A small number of UCLA Law courses are not available to M.L.S. students because of American Bar Association restrictions, graduation and bar association requirements for J.D. and LL.M. graduates, and the fact that completion of prerequisites not available to M.L.S. students is necessary for some courses. Courses only offered to first-year J.D. students are not open to M.L.S. students. If you are concerned about being able to register for specific courses that do not satisfy a specialization requirement, please contact the M.L.S. office.

  • Can I complete two specializations?

    At this time, students may only earn one specialization.  However, students may either:

    1. Elect General Studies, which allows flexibility on selection of specialization courses; or
    2. Take additional units in whatever topic areas are of interest.
  • Can I tailor the curriculum?

    For specialization courses, yes! Within each specialization, student can choose from a list of classes each term that apply to their specialization. For those looking to overlap in more than one area of law, you may also consider either:

    1. Electing General Studies, which allows flexibility on selection of specialization courses; or
    2. Proposing a “self-designed” specialization.  This can be done for any topic area using courses already taught at UCLA Law.  

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