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  • Justin Bernstein


    Championship Mock Trial: The Guide for Students and Coaches (with David Nelmark). Judicial Division (2022).

  • Mario Biagioli


    Gaming Metrics: Misconduct and Manipulation in Academic Research. MIT Press (2020).

  • Gary L. Blasi

    Articles and Chapters

    A Grounded Approach to Our Homelessness Crisis, California Real Property Law Journal (2021). UD Day:  Impending Evictions and Homelessness in Los Angeles, UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy (2020). Hotel California: Housing the Crisis (with Ananya Roy, Jonny Coleman, and Elana Eden), UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy (2020).

  • Grace Ganz Blumberg


    Blumberg California Family Code Annotated. Thomson West (2022). Prior annual editions: 1994-2021.

  • William Boyd

    Articles and Chapters

    The Poverty of Theory: Public Problems, Instrument Choice, and the Climate Emergency, 46 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 399 (2021). Full Text Ways of Price Making and the Challenge of Market Governance in U.S. Energy Law, 105 Minnesota Law Review 739 (2020). Full Text

  • Taimie L. Bryant

    Articles and Chapters

    Aid-In-Dying Nonprofits, 57 San Diego Law Review 147 (2020).

  • Daniel J. Bussel


    Bankruptcy (with David Skeel Jr. and Michell M. Harner). 11th ed. Foundation Press (2021). With Teacher's Manual. Supplement: 2021.

    Articles and Chapters

    Fee-Shifting In Bankruptcy, 95 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 613 (2021). Full Text

  • Devon W. Carbado


    Unreasonable: Black Lives, Police Power, and the Fourth Amendment. The New Press (2022). Critical Race Judgments: Rewritten U.S. Court Opinions on Race and the Law (edited by Bennett Capers, R. A. Lenhardt, and Angela Onwuachi-Willig). Cambridge University Press (2022).

    Articles and Chapters

    Strict Scrutiny & The Black Body, 69 UCLA Law Review 2 (2022). Full Text Critical Race Theory Meets Third World Approaches to International Law (with E. Tendayi Achiume), 67 UCLA Law Review 1462 (2021). Full Text Stop-And-Strip Violence: The Doctrinal Migrations of Reasonable Suspicion, 55 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 467 (2020).

  • Kimberly Clausing

    Research Papers

    Five Lessons on Profit Shifting from the US Country by Country Data, 169(6) Tax Notes Federal 925-940 (Nov. 2020). Also Tax Notes International (2020). Full Text Profit Shifting Before and After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, 73(4) National Tax Journal 1233-1266 (2020). Online Appendixes | Full Text Fixing the Five Flaws of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, 11(2) Columbia Journal of Tax Law 31-75 (2020). Full Text Taxing Multinational Companies in the 21st Century, in Tackling the Tax Code: Efficient and Equitable Ways to Raise Revenue 237-283 (edited by Jay Shambaugh and Ryan Nunn, Washington, DC: The Hamilton Project, 2020). Full Text

    Selected Policy Briefs and Public Commentary

    The Global Minimum Tax Lives On, Foreign Affairs (17 August 2022). Full Text No, Joe Manchin, Taxes Don’t Cause Inflation, Bloomberg and Washington Post (20 July 2022). Full Text

  • Beth A. Colgan

    Articles and Chapters

    Revisiting Hate Crimes Enhancements in the Shadow of Mass Incarceration (with Shirin Sinnar), 95 NYU Law Review Online 149 (2020). Full Text Beyond Graduation: Economic Sanctions and Structural Reform, 69 Duke Law Journal 1529 (2020). Full Text Economic Liberty and Equal Justice, 43 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 31 (2020). Full Text Financial Hardship and the Excessive Fines Clause: Assessing the Severity of Property Forfeitures After Timbs (with Nicholas M. McLean), 129 Yale Law Journal Forum 430 (2020). Full Text

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