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  • Stephen R. Munzer

    Articles and Chapters

    Silence as a Christian Experience and Practice, 62 Studia Monastica 253 (2020). Full Text Questioning Bonhoeffer on Temptation, 85 Irish Theological Quarterly 265 (2020). Full Text Economic Inequality Across Traditions, in Economic Inequality and Morality: Diverse Ethical Perspectives, 261-88 (edited by Richard Madsen and William M. Sullivan, Brookings Institution Press, 2019). Dam(n) Displacement: Compensation, Resettlement, and Indigeneity, 51 Cornell International Law Journal 823 (2019). Full Text

  • Neil W. Netanel

    Articles and Chapters

    Mandating Digital Platform Support for Quality Journalism, 34 Harvard Journal of Law &Technology 473 (2021). Full Text Transplanting Fair Use across the Globe: A Case Study Testing the Credibility of U.S. Opposition (with Niva Elkin-Koren), 72 Hastings Law Journal 1121 (2021). Full Text Jewish Law Sources, in Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900), eds. L. Bently & M. Kretschmer, at

  • David Nimmer


    Nimmer on Copyright (by Melville B. Nimmer & David Nimmer). Matthew Bender (1985 - Present).

    Articles and Chapters

    Volition in Violation of Copyright, 43 (1) Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts (2019). Full Text Investigating the Hypothetical ‘Reasonable Royalty‘ for Copyright Infringement, 99 Boston University Law Review 1 (2019).

  • Benjamin Nyblade

    Select Publications

    Hearing Their Voice: Authority, Voice, and Satisfaction with Democracy (with Eric Merkley, Fred Cutler, and Paul Quirk), 81(3) Journal of Politics 848 (2019).

  • James Park

    Articles and Chapters

    Do the Securities Laws Promote Short-Termism?, 10 UC Irvine Law Review 991 (2020). Full Text

    Essays and Shorter Works

    Los Angeles Law Firms Before and After Recessions, Lowell Milken Institute Report (May 2021). Full Text Regulation by Selective Enforcement: The SEC and Initial Coin Offerings (with Howard H. Park), 61 Washington Journal of Law and Policy 99 (2020). Full Text

  • Edward A. Parson


    The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change: A Guide to the Debate (with A.E. Dessler). 3rd ed. Cambridge University Press (2019). Book Info 

    Articles, Chapters, and Reviews

    Solar Geoengineering: Scenarios of Future Governance Challenges (with J.R.Reynolds), 133 Futures (Oct. 2021). (Introductory article for special collection of six articles edited by Parson and Reynolds)  Full Text Solar Geoengineering Governance: Insights from a Scenario Exercise (with J.R.Reynolds), 132 Futures (September 2021). (Concluding synthesis article for special collection of six articles edited by Parson and Reynolds) Full Text Large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal: The Problem of Phasedown (with Holly J. Buck), 20(3) Global Environmental Politics (August 2020). Full Text Nonstate governance of solar geoengineering research (with J.L. Reynolds), 160 Climatic Change 323-42 (2020). Full Text Evaluating the efficacy and equity of environmental stopgap measures (with Holly J. Buck, L.J.Martin, O.Geden, P.Kareiva, L.Koslov, W.Krantz, B.Kravitz, J.Noël, C.J.Preston, D.L.Sanchez, L.Scarlett, & S. Talati), Nature Sustainability (2020). Full Text

    Policy-advisory and Popular Articles

    Climate engineering, XXXIII(4) Issues in Science and Technology (Summer 2017). Forum

  • Sunita Patel


    Jumping Hurdles to Sue the Police, 104 Minnesota Law Review 2257 (2020). Full Text

  • Nina Rabin

    Articles and Chapters

    Searching for Humanitarian Discretion in Immigration Enforcement: Reflections on a Year as an Immigration Attorney in the Trump Era, 53 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 139 (2019). Full Text Youth On Their Own (with Cecilia Menjivar), in Illegal Encounters: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People, (edited by Deborah A. Boehm and Susan J. Terrio, NYU Press, 2019).

  • Kal Raustiala

    Articles and Chapters

    The Rarity of Rewards (with Andrew Guzman), 115 AJIL Unbound 221 (2021). Faster Fashion: The Piracy Paradox and its Perils (with Christopher Sprigman), 39 (2) Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal (2021). Full Text Innovation in the Information Age: The United States, China, and the Struggle over Intellectual Property in the 21st Century, 58 Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 531 (2020). The Second Digital Disruption: Streaming & the Dawn of Data-Driven Creativity (with Christopher Sprigman), 94 New York University Law Review 1555 (2019). Full Text

  • Peter L. Reich

    Articles and Chapters

    Foreign Relations Between Mexico and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, 1821-1910, 23 (12) PROFMEX WebJournal (Fall 2019). (Received PROFMEX Award for New Interpretation of U.S.-Mexican Relations, 2019.) Full Text What Constitutes an Equitable Water Share? A Reassessment of Equitable Apportionment In the Jordan-Israel Water Agreement 25 Years Later (with Samer Talozi, Amelia Altz-Stamm, and Hussam Hussein), 21 (5) Water Policy 911 (2019). Full Text

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