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  • Máximo Langer

    Articles and Chapters

    Migration and the Demand for Transnational Justice (with Leslie Johns and Margaret E. Peters), American Political Science Review (published online by Cambridge University Press, April 6, 2022-forthcoming in print). Full Text Plea Bargaining, Conviction without Trial, and the Global Administratization of Criminal Convictions, 4 Annual Review of Criminology 377 (2021). Article | Full Text Penal Abolitionism and Criminal Law Minimalism: Here and There, Now and Then, 134 Harvard Law Review Forum 42 (2020). Full Text


    Country Report United States, in Rechtshilfrecht in Strafsachen (Mutual Assistance In Criminal Matters) 1783 (edited by Kai Ambos, Stefan König & Peter Rackow, Nomos, 2020). Prior edition: 2014.


    Foreword: How to Harmonize Procedural Guarantees with the Right to Access to Justice, in Understanding Due Process in Non-Criminal Matters vii-x (IUS Gentium, 2022). Migrants and Justice Remittances (with Leslie Johns and Margaret E. Peters), in OPINIO JURIS (June 16, 2022). Full Text

  • Aaron Littman

    Articles and Chapters

    Free-World Law Behind Bars, 131 Yale Law Journal 1385 (2022). Full Text Jails, Sheriffs, and Carceral Policymaking, 74 Vanderbilt Law Review 861 (2021). Full Text

    Non-Law Publications

    Life Expectancy and COVID-19 in Florida State Prisons (Neal Marquez, Victoria Rossi, Erika Tyagi, Hope Johnson, and Sharon Dolovich), 62 American Journal of Preventative Medicine 949. Full Text

  • Lynn M. LoPucki


    The Readable Delaware General Corporation Law: 2021-2022 With VisiLaw Marking. (2021). Available through Amazon and SSRN. Annual editions since 2015. Business Associations: A Systems Approach (with Andrew Verstein). Wolters Kluwer (2020). Secured Transactions: A Systems Approach (with Elizabeth Warren and Robert M. Lawless). 9th ed. Aspen Publishing (2020). Prior editions: 8th, 2016; 7th, 2012. With Teacher's Manual. Commercial Transactions: A Systems Approach (with Elizabeth Warren, Daniel L. Keating, Ronald J. Mann, and Robert M. Lawless). 7th ed. Aspen Publishers (2020). Prior editions: 6th, 2016; 5th, 2012; 4th, 2009; 3rd, 2006; 2nd, 2003; 1st, 1998.  Supplement: 2000.

    Articles and Chapters

    Repurposing the Corporation Through Stakeholder Markets, 55 UC Davis Law Review 1445 (2022). Full Text The PowerPoint Channel, 17 University of Massachusetts Law Review 41 (2022). Full Text The Systems Approach to Teaching Business Associations (with Andrew Verstein), 2020.3 Michigan State Law Review 703 (2020). Full Text Introduction and Overview (with Andrew Verstein), in Business Associations: A Systems Approach, (Wolters Kluwer, 2020). Full Text

  • Timothy Malloy

    Articles and Chapters

    The Role of Place Attachment and Environmental Attitudes in Adoption of Rooftop Solar (with Charles J. Corbett, et al.), 162 Energy Policy 112764 (2022). SSRN | Full Text Nanotechnology for a Sustainable Future: Addressing Global Challenges with the International Network4Sustainable Nanotechnology (with Lisa Pokrajac, et al.), 15 ACS Nano 18608 (2021). Full Text Evaluating the Application of Decision Analysis Methods in Simulated Alternatives Assessment Case Studies: Potential Benefits and Challenges of Using MCDA (with Beaudrie, et al.), 17 Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 27 (2020). Full Text QSAR Use in REACH Analyses of Alternatives to Predict Human Health and Environmental Toxicity of Alternative Chemical Substances (with Chinen), 16 Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 745 (2020).

  • David Marcus

    Articles, Chapters and Studies

    Quality Assurance for Agency Adjudication (with Daniel Ho, Gerald Ray, and Austin Peters), in A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication (Graboyes ed., 2022). Groups and Rights in Institutional Reform Litigation, 97 Notre Dame Law Review 619 (2022). Full Text Quality Assurance Systems in Agency Adjudication (with Daniel Ho and Gerald Ray), Final Report to the Administrative Conference of the United States (December 2021). Full Text The Collapse of the Federal Rules System, 169 U. Penn. L. Rev. 2485 (2021). Full Text The Persistence and Uncertain Future of the Public Interest Class Action, 24 Lewis & Clark Law Review 395 (2020). Due Process and Mass Adjudication: Crisis and Reform (with David Ames, Cassandra Handan-Nader, and Daniel Ho), 72 Stanford Law Review 1 (2020).

  • Lynn McClelland


    Vaginal laser treatment of genitourinary syndrome of menopause: does the evidence support the FDA safety communication? (with Julia Z. Guo, Colby Souders, Jennifer T. Anger, Victoria C.S. Scott, Karyn S. Eilber, and A. Lenore Ackerman), 27(10) Menopause (2020). Full Text The Importance of Data Source in Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Research (with Jill Horwitz, Corey S. Davis, Rebecca Fordon, and Ellen Meara), Health Services Research (2020). Online first Sept. 2, 2020 | Abstract Regulating Opioid Supply Through Insurance Coverage (with Christopher M. Auld, Jill Horwitz, and Ben Lukenchuk), 39(9) Health Affairs (2020). Abstract | Full Text

  • Mark McKenna

    Articles and Chapters

    Registration and Federalization: 75 Years of the Lanham Act (with Brittany Von Rueden), 39 Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal 987 (2021). Full Text The Case against Product Configuration Trade Dress (Caitlin P. Canahai), in Research Handbook on Trademark Law Reform, (edited by Graeme Dinwoodie & Mark Janis, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021). Full Text Separability as Channeling: A Cautionary Tale, in Transition and Coherence in Intellectual Property Law: Essays in Honour of Annette Kur, (edited by Niklas Bruun, Graeme B. Dinwoodie, Marianne Levin, and Ansgar Ohly, Cambridge University Press, 2021). Trademark Protection for Digital Goods (with Lucas Osborn), in Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Digital Technologies, (edited by Tanya Aplin, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020). Full Text Trademark Use Rides Again, 104 Iowa Law Review Online 105 (2020). Full Text Unfair Disruption (with Mark A. Lemley), 100 Boston University Law Review 71 (2020). Full Text

  • Jon D. Michaels

    Articles and Chapters

    Abandoning Presidential Administration: A Civic Governance Agenda to Promote Democratic Equality and Guard Against Creeping Authoritarianism (with Blake Emerson), 68 UCLA Law Review 104 (2021). Full Text Baller Judges, 2020 Wisconsin Law Review 411 (2020). Full Text We the Shareholders: Government Market Participation in the Postliberal U.S. Political Economy, 120 Columbia Law Review 465 (2020). Full Text

  • Eric Miller

    Articles and Chapters

    Knowing Your Place: The Police Role in the Reproduction of Racial Hierarchy, 89 George Washington Law Review 1607 (2021). Just Relationships: Desistance for Reentry Courts, 54 Indiana Law Review 565 (2021). The Moral Burdens of Police Wrongdoing, 96 Res Philosophica 219 (2020).

  • Hiroshi Motomura


    Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy (with T.A. Aleinikoff, D. Martin, M. Fullerton, J. Stumpf, & P. Gulasekaram). 9th ed. West (2021). With Teacher's Manual.

    Articles and Chapters

    Becoming a Law Teacher: Three Stories, 69 UCLA Law Review Discourse 172 (2022). Full Text Making Immigration Law, 134 Harvard Law Review 2794 (2021). Review of The President and Immigration Law, by Adam Cox and Cristina Rodriguez. Full Text The New Migration Law: Migrants, Refugees, and Citizens in an Anxious Age, 105 Cornell Law Review 457 (2020). Full Text

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