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  • Eugene Volokh

    Articles and Chapters

    Protecting People from Their Own Religious Communities: Jane Doe in Church and State, 38 J.L. & Religion 354 (2023). Full Text Freedom of Speech and AI Output (with Mark A. Lemley and Peter S. Henderson), 3 J. Free Speech L. 651 (2023). Full Text Free Speech Rules,  Free Speech Culture, and Legal Education, 51 Hofstra L. Rev. 629 (2023). Full Text Large Libel Models? Liability for AI Output, 3 J. Free Speech L. 489 (2023). Full Text A Normal Supreme Court, 2023 Wis. L. Rev. 675. The Reverse Spider-Man Principle: With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power, 3 J. Free Speech L. 197 (2023). State Regulation of Online Behavior: The Dormant Commerce Clause and Geolocation (with Jack Goldsmith), 101 Tex. L. Rev. 1083. Full Text The Right to Defy Criminal Demands, 16 NYUJLL 360 (2022). Full Text Should the Law Limit Private-Employer-Imposed Speech Restrictions?, 2 Journal of Free Speech Law 269. Symposium Introduction: Non-Governmental Restrictions on Free Speech (with Jane Bambauer, Ashutosh Bhagwat,), 2 Journal of Free Speech Law 1. The Law of Pseudonymous Litigation, 73 Hastings L.J. 1353 (2022). Full Text Bans on Political Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation and Housing, 15 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty 490 (2022).

  • Alex Wang

    Articles, Chapters, and Policy Reports

    Is U.S.-China Climate Action Possible in an Era of Mistrust, in China Questions II (Harvard University Press, 2022). Full Text Emissions Trading in California: Lessons for China, (with Daniel Carpenter-Gold, Siyi Shen & Andria So). supported by the Energy Foundation China (2022). Full Text Key Governance Issues in California’s Carbon Cap-and-Trade System, (Daniel Carpenter-Gold & Andria So). collaborative research with Tsinghua University, the California-China Climate Institute, and UCLA School of Law, supported by the Berggreun Foundation (2022). Full Text A Reply to Farber, Tsuji & Jing's Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, 83 OSLJ Online 123 (2022). Full Text

  • Michael Waterstone


    Backlash, Courts, and Disability Rights, 95 Boston University Law Review 833 (2015). (symposium edition). Full Text

  • Neil J Wertlieb


    Litigating and Judging Business Entity Governance Disputes in California. LexisNexis/Matthew Bender Publisher (2019-Present). Contributing Author and Editor. Lexis Practice Advisor: Ethics For In-House Counsel, Contributing Author (2015-present). Ballantine & Sterling: California Corporation Laws. LexisNexis (2012-present). General Editor. Lifecycle of a Business. Course Reader (2002-present).


    B-Law B-Law B-Law: Ethics for Business Lawyers – Annual Review 2021, Business Law News (2022, Issue 2). Ethical Issues When Fees Are Paid by Non-Clients, California Lawyers Association Legal Perspectives (Fall 2022). What is Informed Written Consent?, California Lawyers Association eNews Ethics Spotlight (June 2022). Who Is the Client? The Ethics Rule Implications for In-House Counsel and Outside Counsel, ABA Business Law Today (March 2022). Conflicts of Interest in M&A Transactions, California Lawyers Association eNews Ethics Spotlight (January 2022).

  • Lindsay Wiley

    Articles and Chapters

    The Jacobson Question: Individual Rights, Expertise, and Public Health Necessity, in COVID-19 and the Law: Disruption, Impact, and Legacy,, (edited by I. Glenn Cohen, Abbe R. Gluck, Katherine L. Kraschel, Carmel Shachar, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2023). Full Text Hortatory Mandates, 91 Geo. Wash. L. Rev 617 (2023). Full Text

  • Adam Winkler

    Articles and Chapters

    Racist Gun Laws and the Second Amendment, 135 Harv. L. Rev. 537 (2022). Full Text

  • Jonathan M. Zasloff

    Articles and Chapters

    Owens Valley Redux: The Case for Los Angeles and Why It Matters for the Planet, 53 The Urban Lawyer 1 (Fall 2024). Full Text Sanctuary, Civil Disobedience, and Jewish Law, Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies. vol. 40 no. 3, 2022, p. 120-169, (peer-reviewed publication). Full Text

  • Noah D. Zatz

    Articles, Chapters and Reports

    CRT Forward: Tracking the Attack on Critical Race Theory.  (with Taifha Alexander, LaToya Baldwin Clark & Kyle Reinhard) UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies, (April 2023). Full Text

    Op-eds, Blogs, and Miscellany

    Palestinian Freedom, Antisemitism Accusations, and Civil Rights Law, Law & Political Economy (Nov. 20, 2023). Full Text From Work in Prison to Carcerality at Work, Law & Political Economy/Inquest (June 1, 2023). Full Text Title VII’s Application to Employee and Student Political Speech  (with Brishen Rogers (lead author)) (Nov. 15, 2023). Full Text Democracy Without Law?, Law & Political Economy (Oct. 24, 2022). Full Text Can UC Senate Faculty Respect the UAW Picket Line? Addressing the Manager/Supervisor Concerns (with Sameer Ashar, Veena Dubal, Catherine Fisk & Leticia Saucedo) (Nov. 21, 2022). Full Text

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