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  • Adam Winkler

    Articles and Chapters

    Bank of the United States v. Deveaux and the Birth of Constitutional Rights for Corporations, 43 Journal of Supreme Court History 237 (2019).

  • Stephen C. Yeazell


    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; With Selected Statutes and Cases (with Joanna Schwartz). Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Law & Business (2019). Prior editions: 1988-2018.

  • Jonathan M. Zasloff

    Articles and Chapters

    W(h)ither Environmental Justice?, 66 UCLA Law Review Discourse 178 (2019). Full Text

  • Noah D. Zatz

    Articles, Chapters and Reports

    Better Than Jail: Social Policy in the Shadow of Racialized Mass Incarceration, 1 Journal of Law & Political Economy 212 (2021). Full Text "Any Alternative Is Great If I’m Incarcerated:" A Case Study of Court-Ordered Community Service in Los Angeles County (with Melanie Sonsteng-Person (lead author), Lucero Herrera & Tia Koonse), 48 Criminal Justice and Behavior 32 (2021). Full Text Get To Work or Go To Jail: State Violence and the Racialized Production of Precarious Work, 45 Law & Social Inquiry 304 (2020). Full Text Employer Aversion to Criminal Records: An Experimental Study of Mechanisms (with Naomi F. Sugie (lead author) & Dallas Augustine), 58 Criminology (2020). Full Text Why Do Employers Discriminate Against People With Records? Stigma and the Case for Ban the Box (with Dallas Augustine (lead author) and Naomi Sugie) (UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, July 2020). Full Text The Carceral State at Work: Exclusion, Coercion, and Subordination, in Criminality at Work 496 (edited by Alan Bogg, Jennifer Collins, Mark Freedland & Jonathan Herring, Oxford University Press, 2020). Full Text Working to Avoid Incarceration: Jail Threat and Labor Market Outcomes for Noncustodial Fathers Facing Child Support Enforcement (with Michael A. Stoll), 6(1) RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 55 (2020). (Special issue on “The Criminal Justice System as a Labor Market Institution,” edited by Sandra Smith & Jonathan Simon.) Full Text Work, Pay, or Go To Jail: Court-Ordered Community Service in Los Angeles (with Lucero Herrera, Tia Koonse & Melanie Sonsteng-Person) (UCLA Labor Center, 2019). Full Text Discrimination and Labour Law: Locating the Market in Maldistribution and Subordination, in Philosophical Foundations of Labour Law 156-174 (edited by Hugh Collins, Gillian Lester & Virginia Mantouvalou, Oxford University Press, 2019). Full Text

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Oct 20, 2021

Joanna Schwartz Writes a Follow-Up Opinion Piece in USA Today on the Supreme Court's Latest Qualified Immunity Opinions

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Oct 20, 2021

Eugene Volokh Talks to the LA Times About Laws Criminalizing Promotions of Illegal Street Racing

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