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  • Rebecca Stone


    Studies in Contract Law (with Ian Ayres & Gregory Klass). St. Paul, Minn.: Foundation Press 10th ed. (2023).  

    Articles and Chapters

    The Inequality of Bargaining Power Principle, in Research Handbook on the Philosophy of Contract Law,. (Prince Saprai & Mindy Chen-Wishart eds., Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming) Full Text Who has the Right to Enforce Private Rights, in Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory, Volume 2, (edited by Paul B Miller and John Oberdiek, Oxford University Press, 2023). SSRN Private Liability without Wrongdoing, 73 University of Toronto Law Journal 53 (2023). SSRN | Full Text

  • Alexander Stremitzer


    Having your day in Robot Court (with Benjamin Minhao Chen and Kevin Tobia), Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (2022). Full Text Vaccine Passports as a Constitutional Right (with Kevin Cope and Ilya Somin), 51 Arizona State Law Journal 505 (2022). Full Text When Does Physician Use of AI Increase Liability (with Aileen Nielsen and Kevin Tobia), 62(1) Journal of Nuclear Medicine 17-21 (2021).

  • Xiyin Tang

    Articles and Chapters

    Privatizing Copyright, 121 Mich. L. Rev. 753 (2023). Full Text The Class Action as Licensing and Reform Device, 122 Colum.L.Rev. 1627 (2022). Full Text Copyright's Techno-Pessimist Creep, 90 Fordham Law Review 1151 (2021). Full Text Can Copyright Holders Do Harm To Their Own Works? A Reverse Theory of Fair Use Market Harm, 54 U.C. Davis Law Review 1245 (2021). Full Text

  • Sherod Thaxton

    Articles and Chapters

    Race and Privilege Misunderstood: Athletics and Selective College Admissions in (and Beyond) the Supreme Court Affirmative Action Cases (with Uma Mazyck Jayakumar, William C. Kidder, & Eddie Comeaux ), 70 UCLALRD 230 (2023). Full Text Shrinking the Accountability Deficit in Capital Charging, in Oxford Handbook of Prosecutors, 565 (edited by Russell Gold, Kay Levine & Ronald Wright, Oxford University Press, 2021). Full Text

  • Thomas Tobin


    Food Law: A Practical Guide. ABA Book Publishing (2021).

    Articles & Chapters

    Chapter 20: Class action litigation targeting the food industry: U.S. and international perspectives, in Research Handbook on International Food Law (edited by Michael Roberts, 2023). Full Text Marijuana Laws Need Incremental Reform to Spur the Most Change. Bloomberg Law (June 28th, 2023) (Op-Ed). Full Text

    Media Mentions

    Jordan Valinsky, McDonald’s and Wendy’s win false advertising lawsuit. (October 4, 2023) Full Text  Danielle Wiener-Bronner, Burgers and tacos don’t look like they do in ads. Lawsuits are trying to change that. (September 24, 2023) Full Text

  • Lauren van Schilfgaarde

    Articles and Chapters

    Restorative Justice as Regenerative Tribal Jurisdiction, 112 CA. L. Rev. 103 (2024). Full Text Tribal Nations and Abortion Access: A Path Forward (with Aila Hoss, Ann E. Tweedy, Sarah Deer, and Stacy Leeds), 46 Harvard Journal of Law and Gender 1 (2023). Full Text The Indian Country Abortion Safe Harbor Fallacy (with Alia Hoss, Sarah Deer, Ann E. Tweedy, Stacy Leeds), Law & Political Economy Project (2022). Full Text Affirmed or Delegated? Finding Inherent Tribal Civil Power to Issue and Enforce Protection Orders Against All Persons in Light of Spurr v. Pope (with Kelly Stoner), 21 Tribal Law Journal 1 (2021). Full Text Using Peacemaking Circles to Indigenize Tribal Child Welfare (with Brett Lee Shelton), 11 Columbia Journal of Race and Law 681 (2021). Full Text

  • Jonathan D. Varat


    Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials (with Vikram Amar and Evan Caminker). 16th ed. Foundation Press (2021). Prior editions: 15th, 2017 (with Vikram Amar); 14th, 2013 (with William Cohen and Vikram Amar); 13th, 2009; 12th, 2005; 11th, 2001; 10th, 1997; 9th, 1993; and 8th (with Edward L. Barrett, Jr. and William Cohen), 1989. Annual supplements: 1989-2021.

  • Andrew Verstein

    Articles and Chapters

    A Theory of the REIT (with Jason Oh), 133 Y.L.J. 3 (2024). Full Text Sharing where Bargains are Impossible (with Saul Levmore), 5 Corp. & Bus. L.J. 24 (2024). Full Text Changing Guards: Improving Corporate Governance with D&O Insurer Rotations, 108 Vriginia Law Review 4 (2022). Full Text Insider Giving (with S. Burcu Avci, Cindy A. Schipani, and H. Nejat Seyhun), 71 Duke Law Journal 619 (2021). Full Text

  • John Villasenor

    Articles and Chapters

    Ten Thousand AI Systems Typing on Keyboards: Generative AI in Patent Applications and Preemptive Prior Art, Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law (forthcoming 2024). Artificial Intelligence, Trade Secrets, and the Challenge of Transparency, North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology (forthcoming 2024). Generative Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law: Impact, Opportunities, and Risks, Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, and Technology (forthcoming 2024). Reconceptualizing Conception: Making Room for Artificial Intelligence Inventions, 39 Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal 197 (2023). Full Text The First Amendment and Online Access to Information About Abortion: The Constitutional and Technological Problems with Censorship, 20 Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property 87 (2022). Full Text Anonymous Expression and "Unmasking" in Civil and Criminal Proceedings  (with Leeza Arbatman), 23 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, and Technology 77 (2022). Full Text

  • Eugene Volokh

    Articles and Chapters

    Protecting People from Their Own Religious Communities: Jane Doe in Church and State, 38 J.L. & Religion 354 (2023). Full Text Freedom of Speech and AI Output (with Mark A. Lemley and Peter S. Henderson), 3 J. Free Speech L. 651 (2023). Full Text Free Speech Rules,  Free Speech Culture, and Legal Education, 51 Hofstra L. Rev. 629 (2023). Full Text Large Libel Models? Liability for AI Output, 3 J. Free Speech L. 489 (2023). Full Text A Normal Supreme Court, 2023 Wis. L. Rev. 675. The Reverse Spider-Man Principle: With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power, 3 J. Free Speech L. 197 (2023). State Regulation of Online Behavior: The Dormant Commerce Clause and Geolocation (with Jack Goldsmith), 101 Tex. L. Rev. 1083. Full Text The Right to Defy Criminal Demands, 16 NYUJLL 360 (2022). Full Text Should the Law Limit Private-Employer-Imposed Speech Restrictions?, 2 Journal of Free Speech Law 269. Symposium Introduction: Non-Governmental Restrictions on Free Speech (with Jane Bambauer, Ashutosh Bhagwat,), 2 Journal of Free Speech Law 1. The Law of Pseudonymous Litigation, 73 Hastings L.J. 1353 (2022). Full Text Bans on Political Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation and Housing, 15 NYU Journal of Law & Liberty 490 (2022). Libel by Omission of Exculpatory Legal Decisions, 97 Notre Dame Law Review 351 (2021). Full Text The Duty Not to Continue Distributing Your Own Libels, 97 Notre Dame Law Review 315 (2021). Full Text Treating Social Media Platforms Like Common Carriers?, 1 Journal of Free Speech Law 377 (2021). Shenanigans (Internet Takedown Edition), 2021 Utah Law Review 237 (2021). Full Text What Cheap Speech Has Done: (Greater) Equality and Its Discontents, 54 U.C. Davis Law Review 2303 (2021). The New Taboo: Quoting Epithets in the Classroom and Beyond (with Randall Kennedy), 49 Capital University Law Review 1 (2021). Full Text

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