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  • Alex Wang

    Articles, Chapters, and Policy Reports

    Is U.S.-China Climate Action Possible in an Era of Mistrust, in China Questions II (Harvard University Press, 2022). Full Text Emissions Trading in California: Lessons for China, (with Daniel Carpenter-Gold, Siyi Shen & Andria So). supported by the Energy Foundation China (2022). Full Text Key Governance Issues in California’s Carbon Cap-and-Trade System, (Daniel Carpenter-Gold & Andria So). collaborative research with Tsinghua University, the California-China Climate Institute, and UCLA School of Law, supported by the Berggreun Foundation (2022). Full Text A Reply to Farber, Tsuji & Jing's Thinking Globally, Acting Locally, 83 OSLJ Online 123 (2022). Full Text Coordinated Governance of Air & Climate Pollutants: Lessons from the California Experience, (with Alex Wang, David Pettit & Siyi Shen). policy white paper, supported by the Energy Foundation China (2020). Full Text

  • Neil J Wertlieb


    Litigating and Judging Business Entity Governance Disputes in California. LexisNexis/Matthew Bender Publisher (2019-Present). Contributing Author and Editor. Lexis Practice Advisor: Ethics For In-House Counsel, Contributing Author (2015-present). Ballantine & Sterling: California Corporation Laws. LexisNexis (2012-present). General Editor. Lifecycle of a Business. Course Reader (2002-present).


    B-Law B-Law B-Law: Ethics for Business Lawyers – Annual Review 2021, Business Law News (2022, Issue 2). Ethical Issues When Fees Are Paid by Non-Clients, California Lawyers Association Legal Perspectives (Fall 2022). What is Informed Written Consent?, California Lawyers Association eNews Ethics Spotlight (June 2022). Who Is the Client? The Ethics Rule Implications for In-House Counsel and Outside Counsel, ABA Business Law Today (March 2022). Conflicts of Interest in M&A Transactions, California Lawyers Association eNews Ethics Spotlight (January 2022). The Rules of Professional Conduct Apply to In-House Lawyers. ABA Litigation News (December 20, 2021); ABA Corporate Counsel (Fall 2021) B-Law B-Law B-Law: Ethics for Business Lawyers – The No Contact Rule, Business Law News (2021, Issue 3). Who Is the Client? Ethics Issues in Structuring Start-Ups and Representing Early-Stage Companies, Business Law Today (December 8, 2021). B-Law B-Law B-Law: Ethics for Business Lawyers – Negotiations and Documentation, Business Law News (2021, Issue 2). The Importance of Knowing Who Is, and Who Is Not, Your Client. Business Law News (2019, Issue 3); California Real Property Journal (2019, Vol. 37, No. 4); 
    California Lawyers Association Legal Perspectives (Fall 2021)
    B-Law B-Law B-Law: Ethics for Business Lawyers – Flat Fee Engagements, Business Law News (2021, Issue 1). The Attorney Disciplinary System, California Lawyers Association eNews Ethics Spotlight (July 2021). CLA Issues its First Advisory Opinion on Ethical Screens, The Daily Journal (March 16, 2021). B-Law B-Law B-Law: Ethics for Business Lawyers, Business Law News (2020, Issue 4). Soliciting Gifts from Clients, California Lawyers Association eNews Ethics Spotlight (December 2020).

  • Lindsay Wiley

    Articles and Chapters

    Health Reform Reconstruction (with Elizabeth Y. McCuskey, Matthew B. Lawrence & Erin Fuse Brown), 55 U.C. Davis Law Review 657 (2021). Full Text Privatized Public Health Insurance and the Goals of Progressive Health Reform, 54 U.C. Davis Law Review 2149 (2021). Full Text The Personal Responsibility Pandemic: Centering Social Solidarity in Public Health and Employment Law (with Samuel R. Bagenstos), 52 Arizona State Law Journal 1235 (2021). Full Text Coronavirus, Civil Liberties, and the Courts: The Case Against “Suspending” Judicial Review (with Stephen I. Vladeck), 133 Harvard Law Review Forum 179 (2020). Full Text Democratizing the Law of Social Distancing, 19 Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics 50 (2020). Full Text Health Justice Strategies to Combat the Pandemic: Eliminating Discrimination, Poverty, and Health Disparities During and After COVID-19 (with Emily A. Benfer, Seema Mohapatra, & Ruqaiijah Yearby, ), 19 Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics 122 (2020). Full Text A Bold Agenda for the Next Steps in Health Reform, 48 (3) Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 390 (2020). Social Solidarity in Health Care, American Style (with Erin C. Fuse Brown, Matthew B. Lawrence & Elizabeth Y. McCuskey), 48 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 411 (2020). Governmental Public Health Powers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stay-at-home Orders, Business Closures, and Travel Restrictions (with Lawrence O. Gostin), 323 JAMA 2137 (2020). Presidential Powers and Response to COVID-19 (with Lawrence O. Gostin & James Hodge), 323 JAMA 1547 (2020). Federalism in Pandemic Prevention and Response, in Assessing Legal Responses To COVID-19, (edited by Scott Burris, Sarah de Guia, Lance Gable, Donna E. Levin, Wendy E. Parmet, & Nicholas P. Terry, Public Health Law Watch, 2020). Full Text

  • Adam Winkler

    Articles and Chapters

    Racist Gun Laws and the Second Amendment, 135 Harv. L. Rev. 537 (2022). Full Text

  • Noah D. Zatz

    Articles, Chapters and Reports

    Better Than Jail: Social Policy in the Shadow of Racialized Mass Incarceration, 1 Journal of Law & Political Economy 212 (2021). Full Text "Any Alternative Is Great If I’m Incarcerated:" A Case Study of Court-Ordered Community Service in Los Angeles County (with Melanie Sonsteng-Person (lead author), Lucero Herrera & Tia Koonse), 48 Criminal Justice and Behavior 32 (2021). Full Text Get To Work or Go To Jail: State Violence and the Racialized Production of Precarious Work, 45 Law & Social Inquiry 304 (2020). Full Text Employer Aversion to Criminal Records: An Experimental Study of Mechanisms (with Naomi F. Sugie (lead author) & Dallas Augustine), 58 Criminology (2020). Full Text Why Do Employers Discriminate Against People With Records? Stigma and the Case for Ban the Box (with Dallas Augustine (lead author) and Naomi Sugie) (UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, July 2020). Full Text The Carceral State at Work: Exclusion, Coercion, and Subordination, in Criminality at Work 496 (edited by Alan Bogg, Jennifer Collins, Mark Freedland & Jonathan Herring, Oxford University Press, 2020). Full Text Working to Avoid Incarceration: Jail Threat and Labor Market Outcomes for Noncustodial Fathers Facing Child Support Enforcement (with Michael A. Stoll), 6(1) RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 55 (2020). (Special issue on “The Criminal Justice System as a Labor Market Institution,” edited by Sandra Smith & Jonathan Simon.) Full Text

    Op-eds, Blogs, and Miscellany

    Can UC Senate Faculty Respect the UAW Picket Line?: Addressing the Manager/Supervisor Concerns (with Sameer Ashar, Veena Dubal, Catherine Fisk & Leticia Saucedo) (Nov. 21, 2022). Full Text

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