Health and Human Rights Colloquium

The Health and Human Rights Colloquium focuses on the relationship between global health and international human rights law. Health and human rights are interrelated in multiple ways: human rights abuses have negative health consequences; health policies and programs can enhance or hinder human rights; and health outcomes are improved by fulfilling the full range of human rights.

Prominent speakers from around the globe examine the conceptual linkages between health and human rights and explore both the promise of the field and the challenges inherent in implementing its norms on the ground. The course is taught by Lara Stemple through the Health and Human Rights Law Project, and the speaker series is held in collaboration with Stanford University.

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Jan 22, 2021

Carlson Joins NHTSA as Chief Counsel

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Jan 21, 2021

Hiroshi Motomura Quoted in KPBS on Biden Administration’s Action on Immigration

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